Sinomer® EEMA / 2-ethoxyethyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate CAS 2370-63-0

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Sinomer® EEMA / 2-ethoxyethyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate CAS 2370-63-0

Purity: ≥99.5%(GC)
Acid value (as MAA): ≤0.02%
Water content: ≤0.05%
Color: ≤50(Pt-Co)
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Molecular weight: 158.19 g/mol
Density: 0.964 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Boiling point: 91-93 °C35 mm Hg(lit.)
Flash Point: 161 °F
Refractive index: n20/D 1.429(lit.)

Sinomer® EEMA Usage

Ethoxyethyl methacrylate is used in thermosetting acrylic resins, ink polymers, and inks. Two-component acrylate adhesives.


Sinomer® EEMA Packaging, transportation and storage

Product packing specification: 200kg/drum.
It should be protected from sun, rain and high temperature during transportation.
The product should be stored in a cool, light-proof and ventilated place, away from fire source.
The storage period of the product under 25℃ is 6 months.

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Sinomer® BMES Monomer Bis(2-mercaptoethyl) sulfide 3570-55-6
Sinomer® BMPT Monomer THIOCURE DMPT 131538-00-6
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Monofunctional Monomer
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Sinomer® HPMA Monomer 2-Hydroxypropyl methacrylate 27813-02-1
Sinomer® THFA Monomer Tetrahydrofurfuryl acrylate 2399-48-6
Sinomer® HDCPA Monomer Hydrogenated dicyclopentenyl acrylate 79637-74-4
Sinomer® DCPMA Monomer Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl methacrylate 30798-39-1
Sinomer® DCPA Monomer Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate 12542-30-2
Sinomer® DCPEMA Monomer Dicyclopentenyloxyethyl Methacrylate 68586-19-6
Sinomer® DCPEOA Monomer Dicyclopentenyloxyethyl Acrylate 65983-31-5
Sinomer® NP-4EA Monomer (4) ethoxylated nonylphenol 50974-47-5
Sinomer® LA Monomer Lauryl acrylate / Dodecyl acrylate 2156-97-0
Sinomer® THFMA Monomer Tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate 2455-24-5
Sinomer® PHEA Monomer 2-PHENOXYETHYL ACRYLATE 48145-04-6
Sinomer® LMA Monomer Lauryl methacrylate 142-90-5
Sinomer® IDA Monomer Isodecyl acrylate 1330-61-6
Sinomer® IBOMA Monomer Isobornyl methacrylate 7534-94-3
Sinomer® IBOA Monomer Isobornyl acrylate 5888-33-5
Sinomer® EOEOEA Monomer 2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethyl acrylate 7328-17-8
Multifunctional monomer
Sinomer® DPHA Monomer Dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate 29570-58-9
Acrylamide monomer
Sinomer® ACMO Monomer 4-acryloylmorpholine 5117/12/4
Di-functional Monomer
Sinomer®PEGDMA Monomer Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate 25852-47-5
Sinomer® TPGDA Monomer Tripropylene glycol diacrylate 42978-66-5
Sinomer® TEGDMA Monomer Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate 109-16-0
Sinomer® PO2-NPGDA Monomer Propoxylate neopentylene glycol diacrylate 84170-74-1
Sinomer® PEGDA Monomer Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate 26570-48-9
Sinomer® PDDA Monomer Phthalate diethylene glycol diacrylate
Sinomer® NPGDA Monomer Neopentyl glycol diacrylate 2223-82-7
Sinomer® HDDA Monomer Hexamethylene Diacrylate 13048-33-4
Sinomer® EGDMA Monomer Ethylene glycol dimethacrylate 97-90-5
Sinomer® DPGDA Monomer Dipropylene Glycol Dienoate 57472-68-1
Sinomer® Bis-GMA Monomer Bisphenol A Glycidyl Methacrylate 1565-94-2
Trifunctional Monomer
Sinomer® TMPTMA Monomer Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate 3290-92-4
Sinomer® TMPTA Monomer Trimethylolpropane triacrylate 15625-89-5
Sinomer® PETA Monomer Pentaerythritol triacrylate 3524-68-3
Sinomer® EO3-TMPTA Monomer Ethoxylated trimethylolpropane triacrylate 28961-43-5
Photoresist Monomer
Sinomer® IPAMA Monomer 2-isopropyl-2-adamantyl methacrylate 297156-50-4
Sinomer® ECPMA Monomer 1-Ethylcyclopentyl Methacrylate 266308-58-1
Sinomer® ADAMA Monomer 1-Adamantyl Methacrylate 16887-36-8
Methacrylates monomer
Sinomer® TBAEMA Monomer 2-(Tert-butylamino)ethyl methacrylate 3775-90-4
Sinomer® NBMA Monomer n-Butyl methacrylate 97-88-1
Sinomer® MEMA Monomer 2-Methoxyethyl Methacrylate 6976-93-8
Sinomer® i-BMA Monomer Isobutyl methacrylate 97-86-9
Sinomer® EHMA Monomer 2-Ethylhexyl methacrylate 688-84-6
Sinomer® EGDMP Monomer Ethylene glycol Bis(3-mercaptopropionate) 22504-50-3
Sinomer® EEMA Monomer 2-ethoxyethyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate 2370-63-0
Sinomer® DMAEMA Monomer N,M-Dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate 2867-47-2
Sinomer® DEAM Monomer Diethylaminoethyl methacrylate 105-16-8
Sinomer® CHMA Monomer Cyclohexyl methacrylate 101-43-9
Sinomer® BZMA Monomer Benzyl methacrylate 2495-37-6
Sinomer® BDDMP Monomer 1,4-Butanediol Di(3-mercaptopropionate) 92140-97-1
Sinomer® BDDMA Monomer 1,4-Butanedioldimethacrylate 2082-81-7
Sinomer® AMA Monomer Allyl methacrylate 1996/5/9
Sinomer® AAEM Monomer Acetylacetoxyethyl methacrylate 21282-97-3
Acrylates Monomer
Sinomer® IBA Monomer Isobutyl acrylate 106-63-8
Sinomer® EMA Monomer Ethyl methacrylate 97-63-2
Sinomer® DMAEA Monomer Dimethylaminoethyl acrylate 2439-35-2
Sinomer® DEAEA Monomer 2-(diethylamino)ethyl prop-2-enoate 2426-54-2
Sinomer® CHA Monomer cyclohexyl prop-2-enoate 3066-71-5
Sinomer® BZA Monomer benzyl prop-2-enoate 2495-35-4

Coatings market changes, can not be predicted, the property market, the cold and did not let the industry has had a moment of abatement, Expo war, environmental protection war, technology war, price war, activity war. Throughout the development of the entire industry, the winds and clouds, the channel of the struggle through which, but also never stop signs.

Coating industry relatively lagging behind the channel development model

Industry insiders believe that the development of paint relative to electrical appliances and other enterprises, relatively late, in addition to the traditional dealer channels, in the choice of stores on the paint industry there are some arguments about whether large stores should be stationed in the problem, according to the different size of the enterprise, there are differences in the views of its substantial problem lies in the construction of the paint industry’s channels is not like electrical appliances, has been the formation of a relatively The substantial problem is that the channel construction of the coating industry is not like electrical appliances, which has formed a relatively mature model, the monopolistic position of Suning, Gome and other large electrical appliances stores determines that electrical appliances manufacturers can only gain market share by moving in.

The paint industry channels have not reached such a monopolistic position, therefore, the industry will exist in the debate on whether it must be stationed in large stores. In addition, the paint industry product specificity is also a certain degree of constraints on certain enterprises stationed in large stores. Paint belongs to the after-sales products, after-sales problems must be manufacturers to the scene to carry out. If there is no perfect local dealer network, blindly stationed in large stores can not survive for a long time.

At the same time, this characteristic of the paint industry also determines the obstacles of the paint industry in developing new channels. I understand that some large paint companies have been involved or will be involved in e-commerce, but e-commerce must be carried out in all parts of the marketing network, with relatively perfect after-sales service capabilities, so many companies do not have the ability to expand new channels.

The dispute over channels has never ceased

According to my understanding, in the construction of traditional channels, the method is not the same, some companies choose to cast a wide net, cultivate emerging agents, after a period of inspection of the winners and the fittest. This selection method may be in the sand to find real gold, but may also cause the cost is too high, in the minds of consumers to produce a bad impression of the brand image. More companies may choose to merge and choose among some of the agents have matured, other brands of channels for their own use, which is more trouble-free and effort-consuming approach, but at the same time the enterprise should also be on the loyalty of dealers to some degree of questioning.

Visiting, I found that some large-scale big brand enterprises, in addition to vigorously expand traditional channels to expand market share, but also began to get involved in new channels, increase the promotion of new channels; of course, there is another way to go personality channel construction manufacturers.

Channel is the king of quality enterprises to win in the terminal

Industry insiders believe that the paint industry is relatively low threshold, there are many workshop-style production chain. Under the test of the market, the paint brand will also continue to win and lose, the whole industry model will be more mature, the brand and number of paint companies will continue to optimise. Channel is king of the times, I think, in the stimulating market competition environment can stand out of the enterprise, must be based on the enterprise’s own characteristics, choose the most appropriate channel construction methods, whether it is to consolidate the existing channels, or open up new channels, is one of the development strategy of the enterprise.


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