Sinomer® ACMO Monomer / 4-acryloylmorpholine cas 5117-12-4

Product name: 4-Acryloylmorpholine

Chemical name:Acryloyl Morpholine; ACMO Monomer

Cas No.: 5117-12-4

Molecular formula: C7H11NO2

Molecular weight: 141.17

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid


ACMO Monomer / 4-acryloylmorpholine cas 5117-12-4

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Color ≤50
Viscosity 12
Refractive index 1.508

ACMO Monomer / 4-Acryloylmorpholine Application

ACMO is a heat-resistant functional monomer with excellent performance and little irritation to skin (P. I. I=0.5). Because of its low vapor pressure, it hardly produces any irritating odor. ACMO possesses low viscosity and fast curing speed, and is often used as an active diluent for UV curing resins.
1. The homopolymer of ACMO has good dilutability and solubility and can be dissolved in many solvents.
2. ACMO has good compatibility with oligomers, named functional propionates and tree cells.
3. In the process of polymerization. Compared with most propionic acid monomers: ACMO has faster curing speed.
4. UV and EB curing resins modified with ACMO have very low moisture absorption and good resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents.
5. ACMO has very good retention and elongation stability.
6. The nitrogen radical in ACMO molecule can inhibit the polymerization reaction caused by oxygen.


ACMO Monomer / 4-Acryloylmorpholine Features

1.water soluble monomer
2. quick curing
3. low viscosity
4. low volatility
5. less irritation to the skin.


ACMO Monomer / 4-Acryloylmorpholine Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25L or 200L/drum.

Delivery:within 5-7 working days.


ACMO Monomer / 4-Acryloylmorpholine storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


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