Sinomer® AAEM / Acetylacetoxyethyl methacrylate CAS 21282-97-3


Item Specification
CAS No 21282-97-3
Color(Pt-Co),Hazen 10
Pueity,% ≥ 95
Water content,% ≤ 0.1
VAcidity(as methacrylic acid),% ≤ 0.5

This product is used in low VOC solvent based coating resins to reduce viscosity. Improves the elasticity and toughness of coatings, reduces the glass transition temperature Excellent elasticity and corrosion resistance. Reacts with commonly used cross-linkers such as dense amines (melamine) and isocyanates. Room temperature film formation without isocyanate cross-linking. The enamine structure can react with aldehydes and hydrazides through the Michael reaction. Chelating metal ions by chelating action improves adhesion to metal layers. Excellent adhesion ability under humid environment Acetoacetate esterified polymers pesticide intermediates high solid acrylic resin solution for light curing reactive monomers crosslinker polymers cosmetic polymers pharmaceutical intermediates self-crosslinking acrylic emulsions can be a substitute for N-hydroxymethacrylamide, bis(acetone)acrylamide, HEMA, etc., the reaction is better controlled, the product performance is better.


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