Sinomer® BMES CAS 3570-55-6

Product Name:   SINOMER® BMES

CAS No:  3570-55-6



Bis(2-mercaptoethyl) sulfide

Dimercapto diethyl sulfide;


Polythiol DMDS

Mercaptan DMDS

Molecular Formula:  C4H10S3

Molecular Structure:



Content ,% ≥98%
Refractive index  1.5900~1.6050
Water content, ppm ≤1000
Color ,APHA  ≤15


1. Bis(hydroxymethyl)sulfide(BMES) is a kind of organic compounds with special unpleasant odor, which is often used as intermediate products in the synthesis of other sulfur-containing organic compounds, especially suitable for the synthesis of sulfur ether, sulfuric acid, suboxo and soar, etc. At the same time, it is also the basic raw material for the preparation of thiocarbamic acid.
2. At the same time, it is also the basic raw material for the preparation of thiocarbamic acid cool; BMES is also used as a co-solvent for the reduction of various cationic dyes of IF3G.
3. It can also be used as mixing agent, leveling agent and temperature absorber for printing with reduced dyes, which can increase the amount of color and vividness of printed and dyed materials.


1. High refractive index spectacle lens monomer
2. Special anti-corrosion coating



25kg/drum or 250 kg/drum



Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.

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