Sinomer® DMAEMA / N,M-Dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate CAS 2867-47-2


Sinomer® DMAEMA / N,M-Dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate CAS 2867-47-2

Item Specification
CAS No 2867-47-2
Color(Pt-Co),Hazen 50
Pueity,% ≥ 99.5
Water content,% ≤ 0.05
VAcidity(as methacrylic acid),% ≤ 0.02

Sinomer® DMAEMA Usage

1. DMAEMA is a highly water-soluble liquid monomer with good adhesive properties, used as brightening agent in automotive and architectural coatings, emulsion paints, cleaning and dispersing agent in lubricating oil, water treatment auxiliary, retention and filtering aid for paper making, acrylic floor paint, also used as styling hairspray after copolymerization with vinylpyrrolidine, emulsion breaker in water-based emulsions.
2. DMAEMA has reactive amino and polymeric vinyl, which can increase adhesion, thermosetting, cross-linking and coloring properties of dyes and pigments due to ionic bonding, and can be used in the preparation of thermosetting coatings, antistatic agents, dyeing auxiliaries, lubricant additives, adhesives, leather processing agents, combustion aids, etc.

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