What will happen if too much defoamer is added to the paint?

February 15, 2023 Longchang Chemical

What will happen if too much defoamer is added to the paint?

For the problem of foam generated by the paint, most people know that by using paint defoamer to solve. But sometimes the use of the process will accidentally add too much, so when the coating defoamer added too much, how can we do a good job?

Generally speaking, the use of coating defoamer users, to the specific circumstances of the foaming system, the amount of defoamer test, but directly skipped this step, it is easy to cause operational errors, adding too much, resulting in the following problems.

1、The amount is too much, resulting in higher cost.

2、In solvent-based coatings, the addition of excessive defoamer will affect the density of the coating, resulting in oil splashes, and after curing the coating will appear shrinkage, fish eyes and white spots and other problems, the coating film gloss and transparency will also be affected to a certain extent, in the painting, painting performance will also become worse.

3、The paint defoamer added too much, will not affect the defoaming effect, but the concentration of the paint is also diluted

4、Silicon containing paint defoamer added too much, it will also affect the recoatability

5、Under the high temperature environment, adding too much defoamer will lead to the appearance of a large amount of steam, and the inhalation of these gases may be harmful to human health, causing serious eye irritation and skin irritation.

6, not only that, if the use of defoamer contains methyl ethyl ketone component, excess defoamer will lead to incomplete cleaning of equipment, a large number of organic residues will not only accelerate the erosion of machinery and equipment, shortening the service life of machinery and equipment, will also affect the quality of products resulting in a certain waste of raw materials.

Like this has been directly added to the amount of too much, generally can only take the following two practices.

1、Increase the amount of paint in appropriate proportion to play the role of diluting the amount of defoamer is too much

2、Give up directly to avoid the subsequent painting problems, causing greater economic losses

In response to the amount of paint defoamer added too much, how to solve this problem, I recommend doing a good job of prevention, how to prevent treatment.

1, first of all, choose a good product, a good product even if accidentally added too much, will not lead to too big a problem, like some not very qualified products, even if not add too much, will also lead to the phenomenon of oil bleaching.

2, carefully, carefully and then carefully look at the instructions, it is recommended that the dosage is how much, if not very clear, you can ask the merchant, generally will let you do an experiment first, do not be too much trouble, too much trouble will lead to greater waste costs. As the saying goes, a little drive is a good idea.

3, there is a point to note, most of the defoamer can not be added directly into the diluted water-based coatings, generally need to be added when the resin or paint viscosity is high. It is best to add it twice, once in the grinding material and once in the paint, about half and half of the total amount each time.

How much defoamer is the right amount to add?

1, first of all, the amount of defoamer and what you use the defoamer system is related to, for example, the same amount of foam, foam in the water-based system and oil-based system, in the same with the composition of the defoamer, the amount of defoamer needed to be different, the water-based system requires the amount of defoamer in about one ten thousandth to five thousandths of a direct, while the oil-based system defoamer needs to be in one thousandth to three thousandths of a direct Three direct, so under the oil-based system, the amount of defoamer needed is greater.

2, in the case of different kinds of foam, the amount of defoamer is also different, such as in the same volume size of the pool, two pools, although the same volume, but the amount of foam inside is not the same, the amount of defoamer needs to be used is not the same, in the case of using the same type of defoamer, the pool with more foam needs to use more defoamer dosage, so for this situation, you need to buy with you Defoamer manufacturers need to explain the situation of your foam, after all, the face of so many customers, many cases have seen, naturally probably know how much you add the right amount of dosage, of course, the specific or you have to experiment.

Does defoamer have an effect on the performance of UV ink and what happens when too much defoamer is added to UV ink?

The viscosity of the ink, resin, added additives, etc. will have an effect on the surface tension of the ink. If the viscosity of the ink is high, the surface tension of the ink is high and bubbles will appear.

This is an internal factor. If coupled with the printing itself has dust and other impurities, the printing speed is too fast or slow the collection of external factors to make the bubbles generated.

Ink defoamer is a good use of good phase solubility, without affecting the original quality of the case to achieve rapid defoaming, its dispersion is good, to ensure uniformity, improve the quality of plate making and printing, will not produce printing surface defects affecting the film.

Both to achieve the elimination of ink bubble problem, but also to not damage the quality of the finished printing, it seems that the ink defoamer is more than suitable. For the characteristics of the ink, you need to choose a good compatibility, defoaming effect is obvious defoamer.

Ink formulations will usually add a certain defoamer, to adjust the formation of raw ink bubbles or eliminate the bubbles generated in the process of ink production process, there is a way to inhibit the generation of bubbles.

Ink defoamer heat resistance, chemical stability, versatility, non-combustible, non-explosive; will not affect the ink film-forming properties and produce shrinkage, fish eyes, etc.; after use can quickly penetrate the foam inside, reduce the surface tension of the foam.

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