AgeSin® DF-D9202 / Defoamer


AgeSin® DF-D9202 / Defoamer

Composition Modified Polysiloxane
Appearance Clear liquid
Density 0.96-1.00 g/ml (25±1)℃
Viscosity 5-50 s (coated-4 cup method) (25±0.2)°C
Active substance content 100%
Flash point >100℃

Application Areas

UV curing systems

Main characteristics

1、Excellent foam inhibition.
2、Excellent defoaming.
3、Excellent defoaming effect in roller coating construction.
4、Excellent defoaming effect in UV matte paint.
5、In glossy UV system, please evaluate the paint compatibility.
6、Good slip property.

Use method

Pre-diluted with solvent of coating ink system and then added to easy mix, can be added after.

Recommended dosage

Adding amount (total formula) 0.1-1.0%

Storage stability

24 months in unopened original package. After the storage period is exceeded, the product can continue to be used after passing the inspection. Before the container is completely empty, it must be tightly closed immediately after use.


25KG / 180KG.

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