AgeSin® DF-D9904B / Defoamer


AgeSin® DF-D9904B / Defoamer

Composition Polyether modified polysiloxane compound, silica free
Appearance Clear liquid
Density 0.99-1.03 g/ml (25±1)°C
Viscosity 10-50 s (coated-4 cup method) (25±0.2)°C
Active substance content 100%
Flash point ≥100℃


Note: This performance represents typical results only and is not considered a specification, based on the specific COA.

AgeSin® WE-D9904B Application Areas

Water-based systems

AgeSin® WE-D9904B Main characteristics

1、It does not contain silica and has good defoaming property to prevent micro bubbles and pinholes in the coating film of water-based coatings and inks.
2、It needs to be added under high shear condition, not recommended to be added afterwards.

AgeSin® WE-D9904B Use method

In order to improve the compatibility of defoamer and resin system, it is recommended to add defoamer to the co-solvent first, then add it to the abrasive under high speed stirring to disperse evenly.

AgeSin® WE-D9904B Recommended dosage

Addition amount (total formula) 0.05-0.5%

AgeSin® WE-D9904B Storage stability

Keep in unopened original package for 24 months. Stratification and turbidity may occur when the temperature is below 5°C. Heating and mixing thoroughly before use will not affect the product quality. Product beyond the storage period can continue to be used after passing inspection. Before the container is completely empty, it must be tightly closed immediately after use.

AgeSin® WE-D9904B Packing

25KG / 180KG.

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