AgeSin® Defoamer


In recent years, with the need to build an environment-friendly society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the amount of various packaging materials has increased significantly and is becoming more and more exquisite, the demand for water-based coatings has grown significantly, especially the application of water-based inks is growing year by year. For example, food packaging, gift packaging, liquid milk internal and external packaging, etc., are used rosin resin, acrylic resin and water-based polyurethane and other environmentally friendly water-based printing ink.


The rapid development of water-based coatings and inks has led to the development and growth of water-based coating additives and ink additives. Defoamer is an important auxiliary indispensable for water-based ink, which plays the role of eliminating foam and inhibiting foam generation in the process of grinding, ink distribution and use of water-based ink. The development of water-based ink has led to the growth of the amount of defoamer, while the performance of defoamer to put forward higher requirements, mainly.

1, fast defoaming ability.

2, lasting foam inhibition ability.

3, anti-shear, anti-abrasive.

4, good compatibility with the ink system, does not cause shrinkage of the coating film, orange peel, flowering and other surface defects.


Water-based ink defoamer used in the main are.


(1) traditional type defoamer: mineral oil wax, metal soap, etc. Such defoamers due to poor compatibility with emulsions, poor leveling performance, and defoaming effect is poor, the market is now less used.


(2) polyether block type defoamer: this type of defoamer has excellent compatibility, less surface defects of the paint film, does not affect the gloss and fog shadow, suitable for high surface requirements of the ink.


(3) silicone defoamer: mainly includes emulsion-type polysiloxane and polyether modified silicone defoamer two. This type of defoamer has excellent foam inhibition ability and thermal stability, commonly used in water-based inks.


(4) compound defoamer: mineral oil / wax / silicone, mineral oil / hydrophobic particles / silicone, silicone / hydrophobic particles, etc.. This type of defoamer has excellent versatility and compatibility, less surface defects of the paint film.

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