July 9, 2022 Longchang Chemical

How to measure the goodness of the resin in the ink?

There are many indicators to measure the physical and chemical properties of a resin. For the ink industry, the following issues should be of interest.

(1) the viscosity of the resin
Resin viscosity will largely affect the viscosity of the ink, the size of its viscosity should be considered when choosing a resin.


(2) The solubility of the resin in the solvent
In the production of ink, the need to add a certain amount of solvent in the resin to adjust the viscosity and other indicators, therefore, the resin can be completely dissolved in the selected solvent or mineral oil, is the basic requirement for the production of ink;.

(3) the release of the solvent in the resin
The release of the solvent in the resin refers to the speed at which the solvent is released from the resin. This affects the drying speed of the ink. This is related to the resin itself, with the solvent volatility performance is good or bad, but also with the resin and solvent mixed with the preparation process and other factors.

(4) The color of the resin
Resin should be colorless or light-colored liquid, in order to avoid the color of the ink because of the color of the resin.

(5) The resin’s water resistance
The water resistance of the resin will affect the water resistance of the ink, especially in offset printing ink, poor water resistance of the ink will occur emulsification, paste plate, not under the ink and other phenomena. Water-based inks used in the resin requires good water dilution performance, but in the substrate after the film requires can not be dissolved in water.

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