July 17, 2023 Longchang Chemical

Where to buy uv ink defoamer?

uv ink in the modern industry is very widely used, it has a fast drying speed, colour variety, good gloss, but also environmental protection and pollution-free advantages, has been a very mature ink technology. The application of uv ink in printing enterprises is also very common, it can also be combined with light-emitting materials into a light-emitting safety signage. uv ink has a broad prospect, the application is also generally increased. In the production and use of uv ink process, uv ink defoamer also plays a big role.

UV ink defoamer is made of polyether, silicone, polyether modified silicone and other raw materials through a special process, in the production process of UV ink, due to the heating of a small number of bubbles in the ink due to thermal expansion of the foam, the use of the coating will be blistering problems. In addition, the state of the substrate itself will also affect the use of uv ink, the substrate is rusty or not smooth, uv ink formed by the coating will also appear blistering problem, thus further affecting the production and use of uv ink.

The uv ink defoamer in solving the foaming problem this aspect can be said to be handy, he can be very good penetration into the ink attached to the surface of the foam, reduce the surface tension of the foam, eliminate foam, but also can inhibit the activity of the surfactant in the ink, to prevent its secondary foaming.

This defoamer not only removes large bubbles, but also eliminates fine bubble residues, and has good compatibility with the product. Temperature and PH value of the applicable range is also very wide, but also environmentally friendly and harmless a product. uv ink defoamer is also used in a wide range of water-based inks, printing inks, wetting liquids, coatings and inks, such as ink process defoaming can be used. If you have the problem of ink foaming, hurry to try this defoamer, let him return you a colourful world!

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