Sinanox® MTBHQ CAS 1948-33-0 Industrial Grade



1. MTBHQ can be used as an antioxidant for unstable liquid organic substances: such as halogenated hydrocarbons, oils and fats (waxes), ethers, aldehydes, or in products containing these components. It is usually added at 0.01%-1.0%, and its antioxidant effect is significantly higher than that of hydroquinone.

2. MTBHQ is not only an effective storage stabilizer for unsaturated polyester resins and other polymerizable organics, but also a stabilizer for highly reactive resins. a. It has a comprehensive function, and can play a good role in a wide range of temperatures, and it still has a good polymerization blocking effect at a high temperature of 114℃, and only produces a slight prolongation of the curing of resins when the temperature is raised. b. It can be used in high temperature curing pultrusion, extrusion, aldehydes, or products containing these ingredients. In the high temperature curing type pultrusion, molding resin can reflect the excellent blocking effect [and “tert-butyl catechol” by thermal decomposition, will lose the blocking effect, and even affect the color of the resin].B, in the oxygen and oxygen-free environment can play a blocking effect. MTBHQ forms a polymerization blocking system together with oxygen, and plays a good role in blocking polymerization [while “hydroquinone” does not work in an oxygen-deficient environment].C. The product has good solubility, no pollution to polyester products, and can react with free radicals quickly to achieve polymerization blocking effect. Unsaturated polyester resin as the substrate of synthetic resin adhesive, because of its strong adhesive ability, fast wetting speed, viscosity, is widely used as pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, if the formula to add 0.5% of MTBHQ as a light and heat stabilizers, can be a good way to prevent the adhesive agent aging caused by the decline in adhesive strength.

3. MTBHQ is an effective anti-fish-eye agent: In the process of vinyl chloride polymerization, if the polymerization reaction speed is too fast, it will lead to some particles not being plasticized, so that “pimples” and “bright crystals” will be formed in PVC products, commonly known as “fish-eye”. “Reasonable use of MTBHQ will greatly reduce the number of fish eyes in the products.

4. MTBHQ can be used as pharmaceutical and other organic synthesis intermediates: MTBHQ has a hindered phenol group.

5. MTBHQ can be used as stabilizer for dyes and insecticides.

6. MTBHQ can be used as antioxidant of industrial oil, grease, fatty acid ester, linseed oil, etc..

7. MTBHQ can be used as antioxidant of pigment, dyestuff, pharmaceutical intermediates, and is also a new type of polymerization blocker and antioxidant: when there are free radicals, it can react with free radicals to consume the free radicals.


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