Sinanox® 1330 / Irganox 1330 / Ethanox 330 CAS 1709-70-2


Sinanox® 1330 / Irganox 1330 CAS 1709-70-2

Specification Unit Standard
Appearance White powder
Content % ≥98.00
Ash % ≤0.10
Volatile matter % ≤0.50
Melting point 240.00-247.00
Light transmittance
425nm % ≥96.00
500nm % ≥98.00

Sinanox® 1330 Usage

Antioxidant 1330 has excellent high-temperature processing properties, especially its resistance to hot and cold water extraction is superior to other products in the same category, coupled with non-toxic, it is favoured by the food and beverage packaging industry, and is widely used in PPR resins, as well as various packaging materials in contact with pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and drinking water.

1. PP, PE cable insulation, antioxidant for film materials – effective insulation properties

2. good extraction resistance on PP water quenched blown film lines

3. good performance in controlling polyolefin degradation

4. no absorption by polyolefin fillers

5. high resistance to oxidative degradation

6. light stabiliser – can be combined with hindered amine light stabilisers and UV absorbers

7. used without metal passivators

8. Suitable for use in SBS, rubber, polyamide, polyester and synthetic fibres

9. high molecular weight, low volatility

10. Biologically inert

11. FDA approved for all polymer and polymer blend applications with indirect contact with food

12. waterproof and oil extractable

13. no unusual odour, no taste

14. protects a wide range of polymers during processing and long-term applications

15. good compatibility with most polymer additives

16. retains effectiveness when fillers and other modifiers are used

17. non-staining, non-staining

18. reduces water carry-over in film production

19. electrically neutral: its zero dipole moment is an added advantage in electrical applications

20. low volatility and non-migration

The high molecular weight of Sinanox® 1330 makes it less likely to evaporate from the polymer during processing and high temperature applications. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) results show no significant weight loss until reaching 320-330°C (indicative of volatility).

Antioxidant 1330 Packing

25KG carton,20KG PE bag

Handling and storage of Antioxidant 1330

Please consult the safety data sheet before handling or using this product.
Shelf life is one year if stored in a dry area below 25°C in a suitable manner.

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