Sinanox® 9228 / Irganox 9228 / Antioxidant 9228 CAS 154862-43-8


Irganox 9228 / Antioxidant 9228 CAS 154862-43-8

Appearance White powder
Content 99% or more
Melting point 225-246℃
Acid value 3mgKOH/g or less

Antioxidant 9228 Usage

Antioxidant 9228 has a higher molecular weight than all current commercial phosphite antioxidant products, resulting in unparalleled thermal stability. It is compatible with the base resin and is resistant to migration and precipitation. Antioxidant 9228 has high purity, good resistance to hydrolysis, excellent high temperature stability and low volatility at high temperatures, which effectively prevents yellowing or black spots during high temperature processing of various engineering plastics, especially PC, PA, PBT, PET, HIPS, ABS and PP, and provides effective protection against high temperature degradation.

High efficiency: the addition of a fraction of the amount of traditional antioxidants is sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. In long-term contact with water-containing media, the use of high-temperature hydrolysis-resistant antioxidant 9228 type antioxidant with high molecular weight hindered phenols such as 1098, can effectively provide long-term resistance to heat and humidity stability.

Sinanox® 9228 Packaging

25kg carton paper bag.

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