December 6, 2021 Longchang Chemical
  1. When climbing the board, forget to take out the TLC board until the solvent climbs to the top.
  2. Forgot to weigh the bottle.
  3. Forgetting to close the cock of the separatory funnel in time when dispensing, and looking back, there is nothing.
  4. The product was lost when passing the column.
  5. The pillar went dry.
  6. When rotating, plunge the flask containing the product into the water bath.
  7. Forget to turn on the vacuum when rotating…
  8. Bumping continuously when rotating.
  9. Pour the reaction solution into the separatory funnel with the stopper unscrew.
  10. The stir bar and the reaction liquid are sent to the separatory funnel, and the stir bar breaks the separatory funnel.
  11. When doing NMR, there are only deuterated solvents, so forget to add…
  12. I believe that my memory is very good, many samples do not write labels, regret it the next day.
  13. Forget to turn on the circulating water.
  14. Believe that the solvent is absolutely pure and absolutely water-free.
  15. When dealing with the reaction in the straight road, it was found that one less substrate was added.
  16. When feeding, add wrong raw materials.
  17. The raw materials are not confirmed before feeding.
  18. During the feeding process, the reaction flask was found to be small.
  19. When the reaction was quenched, the reaction flask was found to be too small.
  20. When sampling, break the bottle.
  21. When calculating the feed ratio, the content of raw materials is not considered.
  22. When calculating the feeding ratio, a decimal point was mistaken.
  23. Believe that an unreliable reaction can happen miracles.
  24. When dispensing, discard the product layer.
  25. The stir bar breaks the bottle.
  26. In order to take out the product, only the bottle was broken.
  27. The reaction flask slides into the oil bath.
  28. Multi-component parallel test, which confuses the batch number.
  29. During the overnight reaction, the circulating water pipe fell off the condenser.
  30. Break the bottle while washing it.
  31. The reaction with gas release is carried out in a closed system.
  32. When extracting, there is no stratification between life and death.
  33. When cutting sodium block, I sneezed.
  34. Open the refrigerator and forget to turn it off; take the reagent out of the refrigerator and forget to return it.
  35. Someone takes away your weighed bottle.
  36. The temperature control fails.
  37. Punching.
  38. Vacuum distillation bumps.
  39. Using ether, always dozing off.
  40. When climbing a board, someone secretly turns your board around.
  41. Cover the glass tube with a latex tube to break the glass and prick your hands to bleed.
  42. The ground stopper was not greased, and all the bottle mouths could not be opened.
  43. The material was placed in a beaker and ultrasonically dissolved. As a result, the beaker was poured into water.
  44. The reaction refluxed, and other things were done. The cooling water was stopped midway, but the solvent ran away for most of the time.
  45. In the reflux reaction with a large charging factor, the power was cut off in the middle, and the stirring was not turned off. After a while, the phone suddenly came on, and the material banged on the head.
  46. ​​Put a half beaker of colorless liquid on the test bench. I thought it was water and prepared to pour it out. I checked it with my nose. It turned out to be ammonia and my brain lost memory for 5 seconds.
  47. The sleeve hit the measuring cylinder, and the measuring cylinder fell on the table and broke, still half the energy.
  48. After climbing the TLC slab, scrape off the product strips, and then sneeze.
  49. The reaction device with the balloon broke open midway due to the aging of the balloon, the reaction game over.
  50. Someone accidentally removes your bottle from the rotary steamer, pretends to be a sample, installs the column, passes the column, collects, clicks the plate, and then…
  51. The instrument was placed in the oven and was taken away by someone else after a while.
  52. The impurities obtained by the column are quite pure, and the product is not pure anyway

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