July 20, 2022 Longchang Chemical

Main performance characteristics and areas of application of acrylate coatings

I. Main properties of acrylic paints.

1, with good gloss, can be made into water white varnish or pure white white magnetic paint.

2, has good light resistance, in the ultraviolet radiation will not turn yellow or decomposition, can maintain the original colour for a long time. If the formula adds suitable UV absorbers, light stabilizers and other additives, it can further enhance the light resistance of the paint products.

3, good heat resistance, can be used as a neutral coating, mixed with aluminium and copper powder, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, grease resistance.

Second, the main uses of acrylate coatings summary.

Acrylic coatings are widely used in automotive decoration, home appliances, machinery, instruments, construction, leather and other fields, and can be divided into solvent-based acrylic coatings, water-based acrylic coatings, solvent-free acrylic coatings of three different types.

1, solvent-based acrylate coatings are divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting two. Thermoplastic acrylate coatings are more suitable for applications such as building facade spraying, car refinishing, etc. In order to achieve effective control of environmental pollution problems, non-photoreactive solvents can be used.

Thermosetting acrylate coatings contain hydroxy acrylate coatings, epoxy acrylate coatings, etc. The curing agent is chosen from amino resins, which can be applied to household appliances, automotive finishes, etc. The polyisocyanate is chosen as the curing agent, which can be applied to automotive finishes, building facade painting, etc.; the polyamine, polyacid or epoxy resin is chosen as the curing agent, which can be applied to can spraying, etc.; the melamine resin is chosen as the curing agent It can be applied in the bottom and middle layer of paint, and has good application effect in metal painting.

2, water-based acrylate coatings are divided into thermoplastic acrylate emulsion paint, thermosetting acrylate emulsion paint two. Thermoplastic acrylate emulsion paints are mainly used in building exterior coatings, water-based road marking paint, metal anti-corrosion coating, etc.; thermosetting acrylate emulsion paints have emulsion type, water dilution and aqueous solution categories, emulsion type used in road marking paint, building interior and exterior wall coatings, etc.; water dilution is mainly used in automotive electrophoresis primer, aluminium door and window frames, etc.; aqueous solution is mainly used in automotive primer, household parts Painting, etc.

3, solvent-free acrylate coatings mainly refers to the thermosetting UV-curable coatings and thermosetting acrylate powder coatings two. Among them, UV-curable coatings are used in fiber optic coatings, wood paints, plastic coatings, etc.; acrylate powder coatings are used in the painting of guardrails, aluminum wheels and other products, and have begun to be used in automotive overpainting and other fields.

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