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Tetradecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride CAS 4574-04-3

Molecular Formula C14H29(CH3)3NCl
Molecular weight 292
Purity (content) >99%

Tetradecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride Properties

White crystal to powder, with good emulsification, anti-static, sterilization, disinfection and other properties.

Application of Tetradecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride

Used as cationic surfactant, catalyst, emulsifier, disinfectant, fungicide, antistatic agent.

Other Name:

1-Tetradecanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-, chloride;

Ammonium, trimethyltetradecyl-, chloride;

Tetradecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride;
trimethyl(tetradecyl)azanium chloride;
N,N,N-trimethyltetradecan-1-aminium chloride;
Trimethyl(tetradecyl)ammonium chloride;


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