Zinc naphthenate CAS 12001-85-3

Chemical Name: Zinc naphthenate

CAS No.: 12001-85-3

Molecular Fomula: 2(C11H7O2).Zn

Molecular weight: 319.71

Appearance: Brown liquid, with a characteristic odor

Assay: 8%


Zinc naphthenate CAS 12001-85-3




Brown liquid, with a characteristic odor

Metal content%



0.962 g/mlat 25 ℃(lit.)


Soluble in oil, insoluble in water


Zinc naphthenate Usage

1. Zinc naphthenate is mainly used as an anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor for metal products. It is used to prepare various anti-rust oils and anti-rust greases. It is used in combination with barium petroleum sulfonate to prepare cast iron anti-rust oil.

2. Zinc naphthenate can be used as paint and printing ink.

3. Zinc naphthenate can be used as a resin drier, wetting agent, insecticide, antifungal agent, wood preservative, etc.

Zinc naphthenate Packaging and Shipping

200L metal pail, net wt 180 kg.


Zinc naphthenate Storage

Keep the seal and keep it under low temperature and dry condition.

Hazardous characteristics: This product is flammable when exposed to open flames and high heat. It will decompose by high heat and emit toxic fumes.
Respiratory protection: a mask should be worn.
Eye protection: wear safety glasses.
Body protection: wear anti-static overalls.
Hand protection: Wear protective gloves.

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