Copper naphthenate CAS 1338-02-9

Chemical Name:Copper naphthenate

CAS No.: 1338-02-9

Molecular Formula: 2(C11H7O2).Cu

Molecular Weight:405.9

Appearance:Green liquid


Copper naphthenate CAS 1338-02-9


Green liquid

Assay (Cu)%(±0.2)


Oil soluble

Fully soluble

Solution stability

No precipitation


What is Copper naphthenate?

Copper naphthenate is a compound of alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether, soluble in water of any hardness, acid and alkali resistance, with excellent properties such as emulsification, levelling, wetting and diffusion, and can be combined with various types of surfactants and dye resins Mixed use of initial shrinkage. Copper oxide or copper carbonate and naphthenic acid are co-dissolved, or soluble copper salt and sodium naphthenate are metathesized to prepare copper naphthenate.


Copper naphthenate Usage

1. Copper naphthenate is mainly used for anticorrosion of joinery, gardening and shipbuilding materials.

2. Copper naphthenate can also be used as antiseptic and antifungal agent for cables, cloth and leather.

3. Copper naphthenate can be used as a drier for paints and inks, and a reinforced enhancer for road color bricks.


Copper naphthenate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 200kg/drum


Copper naphthenate Storage

Stored in cool dry dark warehouse.


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