what is Soresyn®5100?

Soresyn®5100 is Hydrogenated DCPD resin, using dicyclopentadiene as the raw material, the finished product is a water-white solid, odorless, with excellent thermal stability, strong waterproof and UV resistance, and EVA, SIS, SBS, SEBS, APP, APAO have good compatibility. It can be widely used in hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, labels, sanitary materials, rubber mixing and other fields.

Soresyn®5100 Packaging

Product packaging should use polypropylene woven bags lined with polyethylene film bags or other packaging conditions. The packaging materials should ensure that they are not polluted or leaked during transportation, stacking, and storage, and the net content is 25KG, 500KG without wearing.

Soresyn®5100 transportation

This product is non-dangerous. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp tools such as iron hooks during transportation and loading and unloading, and do not throw it. The means of transportation should be kept clean, dry and equipped with a shed. During transportation, it must not be mixed with sand, broken metal, coal, glass, etc., and must not be mixed with toxic, corrosive or flammable materials. Exposure to the sun or rain is strictly prohibited. Shower.


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