sodium caseinate cas 9005-46-3

Sodium Caseinate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Sodium Caseinate

CAS No.: 9005-46-3

Appearance: White powder

Assay: 90%


Sodium Caseinate Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Protein >90.00%
Moiture <6%
Ash <6.00
Fat <2.00
PH 6.0-7.5
Lactose <1.00%
Arsenic <0.0002%
Heavy Metals <0.002%
Total plate count <30000cfu/g
Coli bacterium <40MNP/100g
Pathogenic Bacteria No

Sodium Caseinate Usage

  1. Food Industry: Sodium Caseinate, with CAS number 9005-46-3, is commonly used in the food industry. It is employed as a food additive and ingredient in various food products, including processed meats, dairy alternatives, and nutritional supplements.
  2. Emulsifying Agent: This compound is utilized as an emulsifying agent. Sodium Caseinate can contribute to the stabilization and emulsification of certain food formulations, improving texture and mouthfeel.
  3. Bakery Products: Sodium Caseinate may be employed in bakery products. It can enhance the texture and moisture retention of baked goods, contributing to the overall quality of items like bread, cakes, and pastries.
  4. Dairy Alternatives: In the production of dairy alternatives, Sodium Caseinate is used. It can be included in formulations for plant-based milk and cream substitutes to improve their texture and nutritional profile.

Sodium Caseinate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/Bag

Delivery: Sea or air

Sodium Caseinate Storage

A cool, ventilated, dry place.

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