Oleylamine cas 112-90-3

OleylamineQuick Details

Chemical Name: Oleylamine
CAS No.: 112-90-3
Molecular Fomula:C18H37N

Chemical Structure:Oleylamine Structure

Molecular weight:267.49

Appearance:Colorless liquid or solid



OleylamineTypical Properties

Item Specifications
Primary amine content% 98min
Amine value,mgKOH/g 198-212
Iodine value,g/100g 80-100
Colour,hazen 80max


  1. The important intermediate of cationic and amphoteric surfactans, whidely used in mineral flotation agent,water proof softener of fiber, dyeing assistant, anti-static agent, pigment dispersant, antirusting agents, anti-caking agent of tertilizer, bitumen emullsifier additives of lubricating oil, germicide, ect.
  2. As Organic intermediates and Auxiliaries
  3. Chemical Synthesis: Oleylamine, with CAS number 112-90-3, is widely used in chemical synthesis. It serves as a versatile intermediate in the production of various organic compounds, including surfactants, lubricants, and specialty chemicals.
  4. Surfactants and Emulsifiers: This compound finds applications as a surfactant and emulsifier. Oleylamine is used in the formulation of products such as emulsifiable concentrates, where it helps in the dispersion of oil-based substances in water.
  5. Polymer Industry: Oleylamine is employed in the polymer industry. It is used in the synthesis of polymers and copolymers, contributing to the modification of polymer properties and the development of specific materials.
  6. Catalyst and Stabilizer: In some cases, Oleylamine is used as a catalyst or stabilizer in chemical reactions and processes. Its unique properties make it suitable for certain catalytic and stabilizing applications.

OleylaminePackaging and Shipping


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Oleylamine Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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