Sinocure® 184 / Irgacure 184 / Omnirad 184 CAS 947-19-3

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Product Name: Sinocure® 184

Chemical Name: 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone

Synonym: Irgacure 184; Omnirad 184; Photoinitiator CPK; DOUBLECURE 184; Speedcure 84;HCPK

CAS No.: 947-19-3

MF: C13H16O2

Appearance: White crystalline

Assay: 99.0%

Light transmittance: (1g / 10ml) 425nm≥98.0%, 500nm≥99.0%

Absorption peak: 246nm, 280nm, 333nm (in methanol solution)

Solubility: 20℃ (g/100g solution)


Photoinitiator 184 / Irgacure 184 / Omnirad 184CAS 947-19-3

Item Specifications
Appearance White crystalline
Assay ≥99.0%
Melting Point 46.050.0
Loss on Drying ≤0.1%
Ash ≤0.2%
Color ≤50 hazen
Molecular Formula C13H16O2
Assay ≥99.0%
Package 20kgs/carton

Photoinitiator 184 Usage

1. Photoinitiator 184 is an efficient free radical type I non-pantophoric photoinitiator for UV polymerization of mono- or multifunctional groups of polymerized acrylate monomers and oligomers. It is widely used in copy varnishes, plastic coatings, wood coatings, adhesives, lithographic inks, screen printing inks, flexographic inks, and electronic products.

2. This product is easily soluble in organic solvents and monomers, has high photoinitiating activity, excellent thermal stability and does not produce yellowing, is a commonly used photoinitiator, absorption wavelength 333nm, mainly used to trigger the rapid curing of acrylate and methacrylate systems, the reference amount of 2% to 4%, curing time of 190s and 140s, respectively.

3. The molecule of photoinitiator 184 has no -H in the benzophenone group neighborhood, good thermal stability, no substitution benzyl structure during photolysis, good yellowing resistance, and belongs to the initiator of medium curing rate.

Sinocure® 184 Package



Sinocure® 184 Storage

Store away from light in a dry place.


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