n-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid cas 3397-65-7

Chemical Name: N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid

CAS No.: 3397-65-7

Molecular Formula:C17H31NO5

Molecular weight: 329.43

Appearance: White or similar white powder and particles without mechanical impurities

Assay: 95%


N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid 





White or similar white powder and particles
without mechanical impurities

White particles , No mechanical impurity


No special odor

No special odor

Active substance content %



Acid value (mgKOH/g)



Water %



PH value,25℃,5% ethanol water solution



Sodium chloride content %



Heavy metals (ppm)



As (ppm)




The results conforms with enterprise standards


N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid preparation method

This product is acylated with lauroyl chloride and glutamic acid.


N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid Usage

1. The large-scale production process is based on glutamic acid and lauroyl chloride as raw materials, and the acylation reaction is carried out under a certain pH and a polar mixed solvent, and finally a high-quality pure white crystalline solid with a purity of more than 98% can be obtained. .

2. The compound is often used as a raw material for the production of glutamate-type surfactants, and can also be used directly as an anionic surfactant (in a medium or alkaline environment, sodium or potassium salt, which can be used in various detergents), Provides elastic foam when alkaline.

3. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic and can be directly added to various detergents to provide elastic foam. After washing, the skin is not tight, smooth and fresh. It can also be used to produce lauroyl glutamate diesters, such as bis stearyl lauroyl glutamate, sterol/octyldodecanol lauroyl glutamate, etc.


N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid Performance characteristics

1.The product is mild, comfortable and silky after use.

2.Foam is rich, especially under acidic conditions.

3.Obviously reducing the degreasing power of soap base.

4.Improve hair combing

5.Excellent biodegradability

6.Resist a certain degree of hard water and salt.

N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid Dosage



N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid Packaging and Shipping



N-lauroyl-l-glutamic acid Storage

Placed in a cool, ventilated place, protected from light, avoiding dampness and rain. Keep sealed when not in use. Do not place it with strong acids or alkalis or oxidants. Please handle it carefully to prevent damage and leakage.


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