Ferric acetylacetonate CAS 14024-18-1

Chemical Name: Ferric acetylacetonate

CAS No.: 14024-18-1

Molecular Formula:C15H21FeO6

Molecular weight: 353.17

Appearance: Red crystal

Assay: 98%


Ferric acetylacetonate CAS 14024-18-1





Red crystal

Red crystal




Melting point







The results conforms with Enterprise standards


What is Ferric acetylacetonate?

Ferric acetylacetonate is a chemical substance, red-orange orthorhombic crystals, slightly soluble in water and heptane, and easily soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, acetone and ether.


Ferric acetylacetonate Usage

1. Ferric acetylacetonate can be used as an organic synthesis catalyst for Grignard reaction with acid chloride to generate ketone.

2. Ferric acetylacetonate can be used to prepare MOCVD precursors for highly crystalline (Zn,Fe)Fe2O4 thin films, and to measure the magnetic properties of these thin films.

3. Ferric acetylacetonate is used as resin crosslinking agent and curing accelerator.

4. Ferric acetylacetonate is used as a fuel oil additive in the field of additives to improve lubricity and combustibility. It can also be used as a petroleum cracking catalyst and rubber additive.

5. Ferric acetylacetonate can be used as an inorganic photosensitizer to degrade plastics.


Ferric acetylacetonate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 1kg/bottle; 25kg/drum

Delivery: by sea, air and courier

Ferric acetylacetonate Storage

Warehouse ventilation and low temperature drying; Store separately from oxidant, acid and food additive.


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