Chromium(iii) acetylacetonate CAS 21679-31-2

Chemical Name: Chromium(III) acetylacetonate

CAS No.: 21679-31-2

Molecular Formula: C15H21CrO6

Molecular Weight: 349.32

MolecularStructure:Chromium(III) acetylacetonate Structure

Appearance:Dark purple red crystal powder


Chromium(iii) acetylacetonate CAS 21679-31-2


Powder with good fluidity


Dark purple red crystal powder





Melting Point



What is Chromium(III) acetylacetonate?

As an important chemical intermediate, chromium acetylacetonate has unique physical and chemical properties. It is a purple crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in toluene and acetic acid.


Chromium(III) acetylacetonate Usage

1. Chromium(III) acetylacetonate can be used as an organic synthesis catalyst, for example, it can be used to oxidize methacrylate, or to modify the surface characteristics of solid polyurethane.

2. Chromium(III) acetylacetonate can be used as resin crosslinking agent and curing agent, chemical deposition to prepare chromium, chromium oxide and chromium nitride film, low-carbon olefin polymerization catalyst, chemical adsorbent, etc.

3. In addition, it can also be seen that it participates in the synthesis and modification of functional materials, the preparation of nano-powders and as a supplement for medical food elements.


Chromium(III) acetylacetonate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 1KG/bottle; 25KG/DRUM


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Chromium(III) acetylacetonate Storage

Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Store in cool place.


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