EDC HCL CAS 25952-53-8

Product Name: EDC HCL

CAS No.: 25952-53-8

Molecular Formula: C8H18ClN3

Molecular weight: 191.7

Chemical Structure:EDC HCL Structure

Appearance: White to pale yellow crystalline powder

Assay: 99.0%


EDC HCL CAS 25952-53-8





White or pale yellow crystals

White crystals

Assay ,%



Melting point ℃



Water %







1. This product is a protein and nucleic acid cross-linking reagent, a water-soluble carbodiimide type condensing agent that can realize rapid peptide condensation reaction. The molecule of EDC (or EDAC) has a linear structure and is used in the condensation reaction of carboxyl group and primary amine, and has been widely used.

2. This product is used as a peptide condensing agent and cross-linking agent. This product is a water-soluble carbodiimide. It is mainly used as a dehydrating agent in the synthesis of peptides, proteins, and nucleotides. It can be used as a water-soluble carbon for rapid peptide condensation reactions. Diimine type condensing agent.

3. Water-soluble concentrated reagent; general carbonyl activating reagent, used in the process of amide and secondary amine bonding; can react with phosphate groups; used for peptide synthesis; protein and nucleic acid cross-linking; preparation such as immunological crosslinks , Under typical Chemicalbook-type conditions, pH 4.0-6.0 and no buffer, under special conditions, the use of amine and carboxylate buffers must be avoided; water-soluble peptide coupling agent; used for carbonyl modification in protein; used for ester synthesis.


EDC HCL Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/cardboard drum

Delivery:within 3-5working days after receipt of payment


EDC HCL Storage

Sealing, low temperature, drying.


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