Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate) CAS 64265-57-2

Chemical Name:Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate)

CAS No.: 64265-57-2

Molecular Formula: C24H41N3O6

Chemical Structure:Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate) structure

Molecular weight: 467.6

Appearance: colorless on light yellow liquid

Assay: 98%


Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate) CAS 64265-57-2




colorless on light yellow liquid

Solid content


Viscosity ,cp@25℃


PH value


water-soluble:mutually dissolved in same water

mutually dissolved in same water

Free amine



Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate) Usage

1.)Improve the water resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance of the leather coating;

2.)It can improve water resistance, alcohol resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance in water-based parquet varnish, water-based plastic lacquer and water-based metal lacquer;

3.)It can improve water resistance, alcohol resistance and anti-stickiness in waterborne industrial wood lacquers;

4.)It can reduce the migration of plasticizer and improve the stain resistance in vinyl coatings;

5.)Improve its wear resistance in water-based cement sealants;

6.)The adhesion of the aqueous system to the non-porous substrate can be generally improved;

7.)Improve the water and wash resistance of aqueous printing inks;

8.)Improve the resistance of solvent-based polymers;

9.)Suitable for polyester, cotton, cotton and medium and long fiber padding processes;

10.)Improve the water resistance, anti-stick and high temperature resistance of water-based printing coatings.

Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate) Packaging and Shipping


Delivery:By Express, by sea,by air.


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