Benzyl nicotinate CAS 94-44-0

Chemical Name:Benzyl nicotinate

CAS: 94-44-0

Molecular Fomula:C13H11NO2

Molecular Weight:213.23

Chemical Structure:Benzyl nicotinate Structure

Appearance: Light yellowish liquid

Purity: 98%


Benzyl nicotinate CAS 94-44-0




Colorless to yellow crystal or liquid.





Melting point


Heavy metals



Benzyl nicotinate Usage

1. Benzyl nicotinate is the main component of liver and gallbladder energy compound tablets. It is an oily liquid that promotes bile secretion and protects the liver. It can transport fat in the liver to the extrahepatic fat depot. It is effective for liver caused by alcoholism. Cell destruction has an obvious inhibitory effect.

2. In the cosmetics industry, most ordinary massage creams are expensive and have large side effects. They have no obvious role in promoting lymphatic and blood circulation and eliminating dead skin cells. The purpose of benzyl nicotinate massage cream is to provide a way to help promote lymphatic and blood circulation, to eliminate old dead skin cells, and to be suitable for makeup massage to relieve fatigue.


Benzyl nicotinate Packaging

1KG/drum; 25Kg / drum or According your requirement.


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