AgeSin®DP-D2608R / Dispersant


AgeSin®DP-D2608R / Dispersant

Composition Acrylate copolymer solution
Appearance Slightly yellow to yellow transparent liquid
Solvent Dipropylene glycol methyl ether acetate
Density 0.97-1.01 g/ml (25±1)℃
Viscosity 10-40 s (coating-4 cup method) (25±0.2)℃
Active substance content 60%
Amine value 55-65 mgKOH/g
Flash point >70°C


LA-D2608R Application areas

Solvent-based, UV-curable systems

LA-D2608R Main characteristics

1、Disperse matte powder and inorganic filler with excellent viscosity reduction effect.
2、Improve the dispersion and stability of matte powder and filler.
3、It has good directional alignment effect on matte powder and effectively reduces gloss.
4、It can be compatible with most matte powder and other inorganic fillers due to its alkaline pigment affinity group.

LA-D2608R Use method

Mix resin, solvent and dispersant well, then add color filler or matte powder and stir well and disperse at high speed.

LA-D2608R Recommended dosage

3-15% for matte powder in the form of additive supply

LA-D2608R Storage stability

24 months in unopened original package. After the storage period is exceeded, the product can continue to be used after passing the inspection. Before the container is completely empty, it must be tightly closed immediately after use.

LA-D2608R Package

25KG / 180KG.

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