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Do you know TOTM plasticizer?

TOTM plasticizers are mainly used in the production of 105 degree Celsius grade heat-resistant wire and cable materials as well as other plates, sheets, gaskets and other products that require heat resistance and durability. TOTM plasticizers are suitable for polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride copolymers, cellulose nitrate, cellulose ethyl butyrate, polymethyl methacrylate, etc. TOTM plasticizers can also be used for heat-resistant wire and cable compounds, plates, sheets, gaskets and other heat-resistant and durable products.

TOTM plasticizer is a heat-resistant and durable main plasticizer, both polyester plasticizer and monomer plasticizer advantages, plasticizing efficiency and processing performance and phthalate plasticizers similar; compatibility, plasticizing performance, low temperature performance than polyester plasticizer, excellent electrical properties, but slightly poorer oil resistance.


As one kind of plasticizer, it has the generality and function mechanism of plasticizer, and the function mechanism of plasticizer is that the plasticizer molecules are dispersed into the polymer molecular chain. Due to the different forces between plasticizer molecules, between plasticizer molecules and polymer molecules and between polymer macromolecules, the addition of plasticizers can generally change the forces between polymer molecular chains. More specifically, it weakens the force between the polymer molecular chains, so the mobility between the polymer molecular chains is also increased, and at the same time, other molecules with different structural types are introduced between the polymer molecules, which reduces the regularity of the molecules, and thus reduces the crystallinity of the polymer molecular chains. In this way, the purpose of increasing speed is achieved.

When a plasticizer is added to a polymer, the interaction forces of the plasticizer molecules with each other, the polymer molecules with each other, and the plasticizer molecules with the polymer molecules are important. Generally the interaction forces between the plasticizer molecules and the polymer macromolecules should be greater than the forces between the polymer macromolecules. Unless all these interactions (plasticizer to plasticizer, plasticizer to polymer, and polymer to polymer) are of the same magnitude, there can be no plasticizing or counterplasticizing.

In the case of PVC medical products, TOTM may become a preferred plasticizer to replace DEHP as a medical PVC device due to its good plasticizing property, migration resistance, high temperature resistance and low toxicity. Although there is not much information about the effects of TOTM on human body when used in medical devices, animal experiments have shown that TOTM accumulates in tissues during metabolism.

How to choose PVC plasticizer?

PVC plasticizer is a kind of strong polar polymer, only when heated to a certain temperature to show plasticity. In fact, PVC plasticizer is very common in our life, so how to choose PVC plasticizer?

First, the compatibility of PVC plasticizer and resin

The compatibility of the two, good compatibility can form a homogeneous mixing system, in the PVC plasticizer in the long-term stability of the products, to play its function. Generally speaking, the more similar polarity, plasticizers dissolve each other more easily, “sweating” or “spray frost” and other phenomena. In the selection of PVC plasticizers can choose to use coupling agent or surfactant processing, in order to fully develop its function.

Second, the adaptability of processing conditions

In the choice of PVC plasticizers, need to take into account the resin in the processing of higher temperatures will decompose, whether the equipment is corrosive.

PVC plasticizer Third, the role of phase confrontation

The simultaneous existence of two PVC plasticizers in a resin system will produce: synergistic effect, each other to increase the functional effect can be played, than a separate PVC plasticizer to play the effect of large. But when the two PVC plasticizers produce “antagonistic effect” will weaken the function of the two PVC plasticizers, or even not work. Like carbon black and amine or phenolic antioxidants and will produce antagonistic effect, need to pay attention to the use.

Fourth, durability

PVC plasticizer loss of bundles mainly through three pathways, volatilization, extraction and migration, mainly with the molecular weight of PVC plasticizer size, solubility in the medium and solubility in the resin.

V. Constraints on PVC plasticizers

Different uses of products on the PVC plasticizer odor, toxicity, electrical, weathering, thermal properties have certain requirements.

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