Synoflex® NA-21 CAS 151841-65-5


Synoflex® NA-21 CAS 151841-65-5

Nucleating agent NA-21 is a third-generation organophosphate nucleating agent for crystalline polymers, which is the most effective and safest PP stiffening and permeability modification additive in the world. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high heat resistance, high transparency, high hardness and balanced horizontal and vertical shrinkage, etc. Meanwhile, it has high crystallization rate, which can greatly shorten the molding cycle and improve the production efficiency of products. The recommended addition amount is 0.03-0.1%, which has obvious stiffening and translucent effect.

Synoflex® NA-21 Usage

NA-21 is used as a stiffening agent: it is mostly used in homopolymer polypropylene and random copolymer polypropylene, such as the production of high crystalline, high rigidity, heat-resistant heat-resistant modified polypropylene products. The product is mainly used in the production of automobile bumpers, automobile interior panels, instrument panels, small household appliances shell (electric iron, hairdryer, rice cooker, electric steamer, etc.). The products are mainly used in the production of polypropylene products such as automobile bumpers, automobile interior panels, instrument panels, small household appliances (electric irons, hair dryers, rice cookers, electric steamers), etc.

NA-21 is used as a permeability enhancer: It is mostly used in random copolymer polypropylene, which can improve the rigidity while increasing the permeability, such as It can be used to produce transparent modified polypropylene products. This product is mainly used in the production of medical devices such as disposable infusion sets, disposable syringes, disposable syringes, etc. It is also used in the production of transparent modified polypropylene products. It can also be used to produce hot-fill beverage bottles, milk tea cups and other food containers.

Synoflex® NA-21 Application Notes

We recommend adding 0. 03% to 0. 1% of the product. High speed stirring is recommended to make it uniform.

Synoflex® NA-21 Packaging and Storage

Packed in a carton lined with plastic film bag, the net content of each package is 10kg or 20kg. It should be waterproof and moisture-proof during transportation; It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, far from fire source; storage period is 24 months.

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