Sodium Pyroantimonate CAS 12507-68-5

Chemical Name: Sodium Pyroantimonate
CAS No.: 12507-68-5
MF: NaSb(OH)6 MW: 246.75


Sodium Pyroantimonate CAS 12507-68-5

Item Specification
Appearance White power
Sb(Sb2O3) 58.4±0.8%
Na2O 12-13%
Fe2O3 ≤0.01%
As2O3 ≤0.02%
PbO <0.10%
Moisture ≤0.30

Sodium Pyroantimonate Application:

Sodium pyroantimonate is an inorganic salt compound of antimony, low toxicity, it is produced from antimony products such as antimony oxide through alkali and production. Appearance is white powder, there are two kinds of granular crystallization and equiaxial crystallization. Melting point is 1200℃, boiling point is 1400℃. Soluble in tartaric acid, sodium sulfide solution, concentrated, slightly soluble in alcohol, ammonium salt, insoluble in acetic acid, dilute alkali and dilute inorganic acid, insoluble in cold water. Good chemical stability.

Sodium pyroantimonate is mainly used as clarifying and defoaming agent for photovoltaic solar glass, black and white and color display tube glass. Glass fiber, gem glass, high-grade glass tableware and other high-grade glass clarifier defoamer, and more widely used in engineering thermoplastics, rubber flame retardant, such as flame-retardant electronic equipment shells, flame-retardant carriages, flame-retardant wires. It is also used as flame retardant for textiles, plastics and building materials. It is widely used as clarifying agent to replace antimony oxide in the world.

It is widely used as a flame retardant to replace antimony oxide in the international market. It has been confirmed by scientific experiments and production that it has more excellent technical performance. Used in all polymers with more excellent flame retardant, used in saturated polyester and engineering thermoplastics with lower light retardant and lower coloring strength, it has the characteristics of low reactivity, which is an advantage in the sensitive polymers (e.g., PET), and commonly used antimony oxide flame retardant is prone to depolymerization in the operation process.


Sodium Pyroantimonate Package

25kgs/bag; 1000kgs/bag


Sodium Pyroantimonate Storage:

Protected from moisture and rain.

Avoid package broken during transportation.

Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse.


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