Sodium aluminate CAS 11138-49-1

Chemical Name: Sodium aluminate

CAS No.: 11138-49-1

Molecular Formula: AlNaO2

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular Weight:81.97

Appearance:White powder

Assay: 53%


Sodium aluminate CAS 11138-49-1




White Powder







Na2O/ AL2O3






Water Insoluble



Sodium aluminate Usage

1. It is widely used in the purification of industrial water and tap water, which can reduce the hardness of water and accelerate the sedimentation of suspended solids. Combining with silicate can improve the crystallization of molecular sieves, and can be used as a catalyst and carrier for petroleum hydrocarbon conversion, as a raw material for manufacturing amorphous alumina catalyst and stable silica gel solution. It is used as an inhibitor of alkaline washing solutions for glass and ceramic etching, a filler in the paper industry, a protective agent for reducing the viscosity of oil well water and steel surface treatment, a soil hardening agent and used in soap and dye industries.

2. It is used as a thickener for oil production acidification fracturing fluid, a crosslinking agent for water shutoff and profile control, and is used in conjunction with polymers. And used as neutral paper sizing agent, soil hardening agent, cement admixture and catalyst.

3. It is used as an inhibitor of alkali washing solutions for glass and ceramic etching, as a filler in the paper industry, for reducing the viscosity of oil well water and as a protective agent for steel surface treatment. It is also used as a soil hardener and used in soap, dye and other industries.


Sodium aluminate Packaging and Shipping

Bags, 25kg


Sodium aluminate Storage

Treasury ventilation low temperature drying; and acid, ammonia salt stored separately.


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