Soda lime CAS 8006-28-8

Chemical Name: Soda lime

CAS No.: 8006-28-8

Molecular Fomula: CaHNaO2

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular weight:96.07

Appearance:White granule



Soda lime CAS 8006-28-8




White granule

CO2 adsorption rate


Moisture absorption




Particle Hardness


Particle size

4-mesh sieve matter <1.0%

Through 40 mesh <2%

What is the function of soda lime?

1. This product is a dermatological drug used in specialist medicines in bulk drugs.

2. Soda lime is used as an analytical reagent, a desiccant, and a carbon dioxide absorber.

3. Medical grade soda lime is used in professional anesthesia circulatory systems and respiratory therapy equipment. Clear CO2. It can also be used in areas such as diving and industry.

4. Soda lime is mainly used as a desiccant (in which calcium oxide acts as a drying agent), it can be used to dry neutral gases such as oxygen, and it can also be used to dry alkaline gas ammonia. It can also be used to absorb acid gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. If only sodium hydroxide is present, the desiccant will not be used at higher temperatures because sodium hydroxide can react with the most commonly used glassware in the laboratory (the main component is silica) to corrode the instrument. A small amount of methane from the laboratory can be co-heated with soda lime and sodium acetate (sodium acetate) to form sodium carbonate and methane.

Soda lime Packaging and Shipping



Soda lime Storage

Ventilation low temperature drying; with acid, ammonia salt stored separately.


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