Rhodinal / Citronellal CAS 106-23-0

Product Name: Citronellal /Rhodinal

CAS: 106-23-0

Molecular Fomula:C10H18O

Molecular Weight:154.25

Chemical Structure:Rhodinal (Citronellal) Structure

Appearance: light yellow to yellow clear liquid



Rhodinal (Citronellal) CAS 106-23-0




light yellow to yellow clear liquid


with a strong sweet grass aroma

Relative density:


Refractive index:


Optical rotaiton:

-7°~ -13°


easy soluble in 95% ethanol


citronellal 32-40%citronellol 9-18 %geraniol 20~25%

total assay of alcohol



Rhodinal (Citronellal) Usage

1. Citronellal is used to formulate flavors, with a strong lemon, lemongrass and rose-like aroma.
2. Citronellal is used as a fixative, coordinator and modifier, and is widely used in cosmetic fragrances.
3. Food grade Citronellal is also a flavor enhancer for beverages and food.
4. Mainly used in the manufacture of vanillin alcohol and hydroxycitronella vinegar. It is also used as a raw material for dihydrococorone, which is synthesized by isopulegol. Among them, hydroxycitronellal is one of the most valuable spices.

Rhodinal (Citronellal) Packaging


Blue steel Drum, Net weight: 180kgper drum.


Rhodinal (Citronellal) Storage

The package is complete, lightly loaded and unloaded; the warehouse is ventilated, away from open flames, high temperature, and stored separately from oxidants.


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