polyethyleneimine, branched cas 9002-98-6

Polyethyleneimine, branched Quick Details

Chemical Name: Polyethyleneimine, branched

CAS No.: 9002-98-6

Molecular Formula: H(NHCH2CH2)nNH2

Appearance:Colorless high viscous liquid

Assay: 99%min


Polyethyleneimine, branched Typical Properties

Item Standard Results
Content 25%±2 % 25%
Refractive index (25 ℃) 1.3700~1.3800 1.3758
Density (25 ℃) 1.0250~1.0350G/cm3 1.0311G/cm3
Viscosity 20~100mPa.s 46 mPa.s

Polyethyleneimine, branched Usage

1. As a wet strength agent for unsized breathing paper, retention aids and beaters in papermaking process can reduce beating degree of pulp. Improve paper dehydration ability. The paper dryness is increased by 1%-4%. The production capacity is increased by 5%-20%.

2. Highly adsorbable and adsorbable amino groups react with carboxyl groups to form hydrogen bonds. Amino groups react with carboxyl groups to form ionic bonds. Amino groups react with carbonyl groups to form covalent bonds. Polyethyleneimine can bind to different substances because of its polar group (amino) and hydrophobic group (vinyl) structure. These comprehensive bonds can be widely used in the following fields: inks, coatings, binders and so on.

3. High cationic polyethyleneimine exists in water as a polymeric cation, which can neutralize and absorb all anionic substances and chelate heavy metal ions. With its high cationic property, it can be used in the field of paper-making water treatment, electroplating solution and dispersant.

4. Reactive polyethyleneimine can easily react with epoxy, acid, isocyanate compounds and acid gases due to its strong reactivity of primary amine and secondary amine. This property can be used as epoxy resin reactant, aldehyde adsorbent and dye fixative.

Polyethyleneimine, branched Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25 kg bag or drum.

Delivery: by air ,by sea.

Polyethyleneimine, branched Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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