phenyltrichlorosilane cas 98-13-5

Phenyltrichlorosilane Quick Details

Chemical Name: Phenyltrichlorosilane
CAS No.: 98-13-5
Molecular Fomula: C6H5Cl3Si

Molecular Weight: 211.55

Chemical Structure:Phenyltrichlorosilane Structure

Appearance: Colorless flammable liquid

Assay: 99%


Phenyltrichlorosilane Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Phenyltrichlorosilane 99.0% Min
Benzene 1.0% Max
High boilings
PCBs 0.5 Max

Phenyltrichlorosilane Usage

It is one of the most important monomers of organic silicon in the synthesis of organic silicon resin and compounds containing phenyl silicon. Used to produce phenyl silicone for the paint industry.

  1. Chemical Synthesis: Phenyltrichlorosilane, with CAS number 98-13-5, is widely used in chemical synthesis. It serves as a versatile reagent and intermediate in the production of various organic compounds, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals.
  2. Silicon-Containing Compounds: This compound finds applications in the synthesis of silicon-containing compounds. Phenyltrichlorosilane is a valuable building block for the modification of silicon-based materials and the development of specific products.
  3. Surface Modification: Phenyltrichlorosilane may be used for surface modification applications. It is employed to modify the surfaces of various substrates, including glass and silica, to render them hydrophobic and enhance their properties.
  4. Chemical Research: In chemical research activities, Phenyltrichlorosilane is used for various experiments and analyses. Its versatile nature makes it valuable in the discovery and development of new compounds.

Phenyltrichlorosilane Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: 200kg/Iron drum

Delivery:Dangerous cargo

Phenyltrichlorosilane Storage

Store in dry, ventilated areas to avoid direct sunlight

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