Sinophor® CBS-X / Optical brightening agent cbs-x cas 27344-41-8

Chemical Name: Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X

CAS No.:27344-41-8

Other Name: Fluorescent Brightener 351

Molecular Formula: C28H20Na2O6S2

Appearance: Yellowish green crystal powder/ granular

Purity: 99.5%


Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X cas 27344-41-8





Light yellowish powder

Light yellowish powder

Indissoluble substance



Max in ultra-violet range



E (1%/ cm) value





Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Specification

Optical Brightening Agent CBS-Xistheoptical brightener ofthe styrene – biphenyl type class, suitable for the optical brightener of detergentat all stage of processing.

Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Specifications

E (1% /cm) Value: 1120-1140

Indissoluble substance:≤0.5%

Max in ultra-violet range: 348-350nm

Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Application

It is mainly used for the whitening of synthetic detergents, soaps and soaps, cotton, linen, nylon wool and paper, cotton, polyester and cotton blended fabrics, and cotton blended fabrics in one bath. It is widely used in detergent, bleaching, paper making and dyestuff industries.

How to use Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X:

Bleached cloth whitening
(1) Padding whitening: 4BK: 0.05~0.6% (o.w.f) Yuanming powder: 5~20g/L
Bath ratio: 1:10-30 Dyeing temperature: 20℃-100℃ Holding time: 20-30 minutes
(2) Oxygen bleaching whitening: 4BK: 0.05~0.6%( o.w.f)
H2O: 2-10g/L NaOH: 1g/L NaSiO3: 2.5g/L Detergent: 1g/L Bath ratio: 1:10-30
Dyeing temperature: 90℃-100℃ Holding time: 20-30 minutes


Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Packing

25kg / fiber drum with PE liner.

Optical Brightening Agent CBS-X Storage

Keep airtight in a dry and cool place.


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