o-toluidine cas 95-53-4

o-ToluidineQuick Details

Chemical Name:o-Toluidine

CAS No.: 95-53-4

Molecular Fomula:C7H9N

Molecular Weight:107.15

Chemical Structure:o-Toluidine Structure

Appearance: light yellow to light amber liquid

Purity: 99.4%


o-Toluidine Typical Properties

Appearance PhysicalState: lightyellowtolightamberliquid
Density: 1.008
MeltingPoint: -23ºC
BoilingPoint: 199-200ºC
FlashPoint: 85ºC
RefractiveIndex: 1.571-1.573
WaterSolubility: 1.5g/100mL(25ºC)
Stability: Stableundernormaltemperaturesandpressures.Substanceundergoescolorchangeuponexposuretolightandair.
StorageCondition: 2-8ºC
VaporPressure: 0.26mmHg(25°C)
VaporDensity: 3.7(vsair)

o-Toluidine Usage

O-toluidine is an intermediate of fungicides such as tricyclazole, metalaxyl, furosemide, insecticidal and acaricidal insecticide, scorpion, and herbicides, ibutachlor, dichlorfen, and acetochlor. It is also the main intermediate of dyes, and can produce jujube-based GBC, large red base G, red-based RL, phenolic phenolic As-D, acid red 3B, basic magenta, etc., and can produce reactive dyes.

  1. Chemical Synthesis: O-Toluidine, with CAS number 95-53-4, is commonly used in chemical synthesis. It serves as a versatile building block in the production of various organic compounds, including dyes, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals.
  2. Dye Industry: This compound finds applications in the dye industry. O-Toluidine is a key component in the synthesis of various dyes, contributing to the vibrant colors in textiles and other materials.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: O-Toluidine is utilized in the pharmaceutical industry. It may be used as an intermediate in the synthesis of certain drugs and pharmaceutical products, playing a crucial role in medicinal chemistry.
  4. Agricultural Chemicals: In the production of agricultural chemicals, O-Toluidine may be employed. It can contribute to the synthesis of specific compounds used in pesticides or herbicides.


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