Liquid Sodium silicate CAS 1344-09-8

Product Name: Sodium silicate

CAS No: 1344-09-8

Other Name: Liquid Sodium silicate; water glass sodium silicate; sodium silicate water glass; Sodium silicate Liquid; Sodium silicate Liquid glass

Molecular Formula: Na2O3Si

Molecular Weight: 122.06

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow and cyan sticky liquid

Packaging: 200 kgs/drum; 1 Ton/drum

Monthly output: 15,000 tons



Liquid Sodium silicate CAS 1344-09-8

Regular stock models: 40BE, 42BE, 50BE.

Molarity: 3.1-3.4; 3.1-3.35; 2.1-2.5

Different specifications, different prices, if you do not understand the specifications, you can tell us the purpose, we will recommend the right product for you.


Item Indicators
Temperature (20℃-g/ml) 1.368-1.394
Sodium oxide (Na2O) content%≥ 8.2
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)content%≥ 26
Modulus M 3.10-3.40


Sodium silicate name explanation

Molecular formula: Na2O·mSiO2 m represents modulus
Ratio (Na2O: SiO2)
Ratio (Na2O: SiO2)——The ratio of quartz sand and alkali, that is, the molar ratio of SiO2 and Na2O, determines the modulus M of sodium silicate, and the modulus shows the composition of sodium silicate
Mean Na2O%-refers to the average content of Na2O
Mean SiO2 %—— refers to the average value of SiO2 content
Total soluble (Silicate %):-the solubility of sodium silicate
Matter insoluble in water %: insoluble matter content


How to use sodium silicate?

1. 40BE-50BE sodium silicate is widely used in the mechanical industry for casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal corrosion inhibitor.
2. Sodium silicate is used in the construction industry for the manufacture of quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement and waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory materials, etc.
3. sodium silicate is used in agriculture to make silica fertilizer.
4. In addition, as an adhesive, 42BE sodium silicate is widely used as a high-viscosity adhesive for cardboard (corrugated paper) cartons and paper tubes.


1. used in the petroleum industry to manufacture silica-alumina catalysts for petroleum catalysis and cracking.

2. in the chemical industry, it is used to make silica, zeolite molecular sieve, precipitated silica, various silicate types, and is the basic raw material of silicides.

3. in the light chemical industry, it is an indispensable filler in laundry detergent and soap, and sodium silicate itself is an efficient detergent, a softening agent and a sink aid for tap water used by the public.

4. in the textile industry, used as dyeing aid, bleaching and sizing.

5. in the machinery industry, it is widely used in casting, precision casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and as a metal preservative.

6. in the construction industry, used in the manufacture of quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement, waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory material, corrugated board, etc.

7. in mining, for mineral processing, waterproofing and plugging.

8. in agriculture, for the manufacture of silica fertilizer.

9. wood has fireproof properties when dipped in sodium silicate.

10. eggs can be stored for a long time without deterioration after being dipped in sodium silicate; high modulus sodium silicate is the binder for cardboard and carton.


Sodium silicate Package

200kg/drum or 1000kg/drum.

We have a fleet of transport vehicles and can deliver to your door within the province.


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