Sinamine® DGA CAS 929-06-6

Chemical Name: Sinamine® DGA

Other Name: Diglycolamine; Diethylene glycolamine; 2-(2-aminoethoxy)ethanol

CAS No.: 929-06-6

Molecular Fomula: C4H11NO2

Molecular weight: 105.14



HS Code:29221980

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid


Sinamine® DGA CAS 929-06-6







Boiling Range℃


Density(g/l)%, (P20)




Sinamine® DGA Use


1. Diglycolamine is a primary amine, especially recommended for metalworking fluids, and can replace diethanolamine. The product can be stoichiometrically equivalent to diethanolamine, can provide a similar buffer, and the resulting salt can improve the stability of hard water. The product has no evaporation and has low dissolution to copper, aluminum and cobalt.

2. Diethylene glycol amine can be used as an absorbent for acid gas.

3. Diethylene glycol amine can be used as a surfactant and wetting agent.

4. Diethylene glycol amine is also used as a raw material for polymers. It has excellent performance as a desulfurizer. It can also be used in high cold, especially suitable for hot, water shortage and desert areas.

Compared with other commonly used amines, Diglycolamine has the following unique product characteristics and advantages:

1. The dissolution of cobalt metal is much lower than that of other amines, thereby prolonging the service life of cutting tools and having good protection against ferrous metal corrosion.

2. The dissolution/corrosion of copper metal is much lower than other amines

3. Low corrosion to aluminum metal stains

4. Higher alkali value storage capacity and pH stability

5. Low toxicity, low aquatic toxicity, not easy to generate nitrite, and no sensitization to human body

6. Easily biodegradable, low bioaccumulation, that is, high biostability

7. Low volatility helps to improve the operating environment of the factory. The low pour point and low viscosity improve the operability of the product and the adaptability to hard water is good.


Sinamine® DGA Packaging and Shipping


200KG/galvanized barrels,16mt/1*20FCL

1250KG/IBC drum

20MT/ISO Tank


Sinamine® DGA Storage


Treasury ventilation low-temperature drying; with acids, oxidants.


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