Synoflex®ASE / Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester / ASE CAS 91082-17-6

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Product Name: Synoflex® ASE

Other Name: ASE; Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester; Mesamoll; phenyl pentadecane-1-sulfonate; alkyl(C10-C21)sulphonic acid, esters with phenol; Sulfonic acids, C10-21-alkane, Ph esters.

CAS No.: 91082-17-6

Chemical Formula: Rso2C6H5(R=C12H25—C18H37)

Appearance: Light yellow liquid


Alkyl sulfonic acid phenyl ester / ASE CAS 91082-17-6



Proportion D420


Flash point




Water %


Viscosity mpa.s





Light yellow liquid


Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester (ASE) Usage

1. Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester is used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), natural rubber (NR), styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), nitrile rubber (NBR) and neoprene (CR), etc. Plasticizer for various products. PU-based sealing and bonding system (single component and two component system)
2. Adhesive: PVC glue
3. Cleaning: as a cleaning agent for PU foaming machine
4. Calendering category: leather film for automobile industry, inner wall of tunnel and other industries, such as swimming pool cover, shower curtain, welding film, electrical insulation film
5. Slush moulding category: slush moulding toys
6. Dipping plastic products: PVC disposable gloves and other dipping plastic products
7. Extrusion: profiles, connectors, pipe fittings, weather-resistant and alkali-resistant profiles and blown films for the automotive industry
8. Injection molding: work shoes, industrial products
9. Coating: inflatable products, protective cloth coatings, raincoats, bathroom mats, etc.
10. Coatings: polyurethane waterproof coating and the use of nitrocellulose paint
11. Food category: Food contact items such as packaging film, food conveyor belt, milk mix in beverage industry

This product can replace Mesamoll; phenyl pentadecane-1-sulfonate; alkyl(C10-C21)sulphonic acid, esters with phenol; Sulfonic acids, C10-21-alkane, Ph esters.

Product Index

Index Value Unit Remark
Refractive index 1.49~1.500 Nd30
Acid value ≤0.05 Mgkoh/g
Color value ≤700 HaZen Platinum Cobalt Shade
Density 1.02-1.06 g/CM3 D420
Viscosity 75-120 Mpa.S 20℃
Water content ≤0.05 %
Flash point 200-215
Pour point About ﹣32
Boiling range 211-279 (1333kpa)
Saponification number Only partial saponification possible

Instructions and Suggestions for Use

The design of storage tank and pipeline diameter and extraction pump are important parameters when measuring storage for density, viscosity and vapor pressure. Figures 1 through 3 present data on these properties for phenyl alkylsulfonates.

Figure 1. The relationship between density and temperature

Figure 2 The relationship between viscosity and temperature

Figure 3 The relationship between vapor pressure and temperature

Application characteristics of ASE

1, at the same low temperature, ASE can plasticize faster than most other plasticizers, which means that the processing cycle can become shorter, thus greatly reducing production and processing time.
2, ASE complies with the standard DIN EN71 for toys, and is FDA approved for use in food contact products, it is also included in the EU Directive 90/128/EEC; ASE can provide the performance that is particularly sought after by the toy industry, its high hydrolysis resistance can ensure that toys can accompany their owners throughout their childhood.
3、Plasticized PVC products containing ASE can be painted or printed over a longer period of time, which means that the workflow can be operated individually and designed more flexibly according to the order quantity, and in this regard, ASE can help save time and energy.
4, with ASE plasticized products can be used outdoors has a high resistance to saponification, so even after years of hard cleaning can protect the coating.
5, ASE plasticizer is very compatible with PVC and PU, because sealants are mainly used in the construction industry and often used on alkaline substrates. Even in this environment, ASE will bring long-lasting elasticity and reliable sealing. In addition, ASE has properties that are particularly valuable on construction sites: resistance to aging and wind corrosion, corrosion resistance, ease of laying, and good weldability.
6. ASE plasticizers can be used to make soft compounds required for the production of certain printing rolls (e.g. Shore A hardness of 25-30), but not all plasticizers are compatible with elastomers. In general, they are less compatible with other polymers such as PVC, and ASE plasticizers are more compatible with different elastomers than DEHP. Another major advantage of T-50 over DEHP in vulcanized NBR compounds is that it causes only minor changes in mechanical properties after thermal storage, not to mention excellent flame resistance and improved impact resistance.


Plasticizers of low viscosity and low polarity have a good plasticizing capacity and can be used over a wide range of temperatures, since their viscosity is less dependent on temperature than that of high-polarity plasticizers. Their viscosity–temperature curve is very flat. These plasticizers with special good resistance to low temperatures are used whenever a plasticized polymer is required to have high flexibility even at sub-zero temperatures.


Compatibility of a plasticizer can be determined fairly quickly and simply by way of the dissolution temperature. A PVC / plasticizer suspension (1:19) is heated. The temperature at which the PVC becomes visible and has dissolved completely is known as the dissolution temperature. As a universal rule, the lower this temperature is, the more compatible is the plasticizer. T-50 has a low dissolution temperature of about 120 degree C and is an efficient primary and secondary plasticizer for PVC. In addition, T-50 is a versatile plasticizer demonstrated by divers usability, including PUR sealants and adhesives, in acrylates for metal coatings and in NBR rubbers. The saponification resistance of T-50 allows our customers to produce products with a long service life.

Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester (ASE) Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 200kg/Iron drum

Delivery:Non-dangerous cargo


Alkyl Sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester (ASE) Storage

Phenyl Alkyl Sulfonate (ASE Petroleum Ester) is moisture sensitive and must therefore be stored in the sealed original container in a dry place. This product will last for 1 year or more if stored properly. During storage, phenyl alkyl sulfonate cannot be in contact with iron for a long time to avoid discoloration.

Recommended material for transport and storage containers: aluminum, stainless steel (V4A or V2A); drums must have an oil-resistant coating.

In order to ensure that the phenyl alkylsulfonate can be easily extracted from the outdoor tanker at low temperature, the tanker should be isolated first or the phenylalkylsulfonate should be slightly heated. Warm water is the ideal heating medium, but it must be To avoid steam heating, the heating coil must be aluminum or stainless steel (V4A).

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