bromothymol blue cas 76-59-5

Bromothymol BlueQuick Details

Chemical Name:Bromothymol Blue

CAS: 76-59-5

Molecular Fomula:C27H28Br2O5S

Molecular Weight:624.38

Chemical Structure:Bromothymol Blue Structure

Appearance: Pink-brown to purple power

Purity: 99%


Bromothymol BlueTypical Properties

Item Specifications Results
PHDiscoloration domain 6.0(Yellow)~7.6(Blue) Confirms
Mass absorption coefficient(L/cm·g)≥ 52.0 52.5
Ethanol dissolution test Conforms Conforms
Residue on ignition(Sulfate) ≤ 0.3 0.045
Conclusion The results conforms with Q/SS154–2006standards

Bromothymol Blue Usage

This product is used as an acid-base indicator, adsorption indicator, and chromatographic analysis.

  1. Analytical Chemistry: Bromothymol Blue, with CAS number 76-59-5, is extensively utilized in analytical chemistry as a pH indicator. Its color changes in response to varying levels of acidity or alkalinity, making it valuable for determining the pH of solutions.
  2. Biology and Education: This compound is commonly employed in biology and educational settings as an indicator for various chemical reactions. It is frequently used in laboratory experiments and educational demonstrations to visualize pH changes.
  3. Medical Applications: Bromothymol Blue has applications in medical laboratories for diagnostic purposes. Its color transition is utilized to indicate the pH of biological samples and certain medical solutions.
  4. Aquariums and Fisheries: In the field of aquaculture, Bromothymol Blue is sometimes used to monitor and control the pH levels in aquariums and fisheries, ensuring optimal conditions for aquatic organisms.

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