Bromocresol green CAS 76-60-8

Chemical Name:Bromocresol green

CAS: 76-60-8

Molecular Formula:C21H14Br4O5S

Molecular weight:698.01

Appearance: Yellow crystal


Bromocresol green CAS 76-60-8

PH Color change interval: 3.8 (yellow-green)-5.4 (blue)

Maximum absorption wavelength (nm): λ1(PH3.8)440-445

λ2(PH5.4) 615-618

Mass absorption coefficient, L/(cm.g): α1(λ1, PH3.8 dry sample)

α2(λ1, PH5.4 dry sample)

Ethanol dissolved test: Pass test

Loss on drying: ≤3.0

Residue on ignition (as SO4)%’: ≤0.25





Assay (%)



PH Color change interval

3.8 (yellow-green)-5.4 (blue)

Pass test

Maximum absorption wavelength (mm)



λ(PH5.4) 615-618


Mass absorption coefficient, L/(cm.g)

α11, PH3.8 dry sample) 24-28


α21, PH5.4 dry sample) 53-58


Ethanol dissolved test

Pass test

Pass test

Loss on drying



Residue on ignition (as SO4)%




The results conforms with HG/T4017-2008 indicator


Bromocresol green Usage

As an important stain, bromocresol green (BCG) has a wide range of applications in the field of analysis.

1. A method for testing the content of free amines in NMP, including the steps: preparing bromocresol green-methyl red indicator; taking a certain amount of NMP sample in a container, adding isopropanol and shaking it smoothly to mix; Add the bromocresol green-methyl red indicator and mix evenly, titrate with a hydrochloric acid standard solution, from green to yellowish titration; according to the formula:% free amine=c*V standard*K/ρ*V, calculate The% free amine in the NMP sample. The present invention prepares bromocresol green-methyl red indicator and adopts acid-base titration to test the amine content in NMP. According to the parameters in the acid-base titration process, the free amine content is expressed as a mass percentage:% free amine = c*V standard*K/ρ*V, evaluate the performance of NMP according to the test results. In addition, the test method is simple, convenient, fast and low-cost, and can be widely used in production and research.

2. A mixed indicator test paper for measuring the concentration of ammonia in the air and its preparation and detection method belong to the technical field of environmental monitoring and industrial hygiene. The test paper is a test paper loaded with bromocresol green, methyl red, acid and nonionic surfactant on the base paper; according to the mass ratio, bromocresol green: methyl red: acid: nonionic surfactant = (1.0 ~2.0): (0.188~0.75): (0.75~2.0): (2.5~7)×10-3. The preparation method is as follows: preparing a soaking liquid according to the reagent ratio, soaking the base paper, and drying and plastic sealing. The detection method is as follows: the ammonia in the air in the detection area reacts with the mixed reagent of the test paper, changing from wine red to green, and the ammonia concentration in the air in the detection area is obtained according to the relationship between the length of the color change band of the test paper and the ammonia concentration. The test paper has the characteristics of sensitive response, high precision, low production cost, convenient use, etc., and has practicability and significant economic benefits.
3. This product can use the acid-base indicator method to determine the degree of deacetylation of chitooligosaccharides.


Bromocresol green Packing

1kg/bag 25kg/drum.


Bromocresol green Storage

Stored in cool, dry and ventilation place.


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