AgeSin® DP-D242 / Dispersant


AgeSin® DP-D242 / Dispersant

Composition Polymer block copolymer with pigment affinity groups
Appearance Slightly yellow transparent liquid
Density 1.01-1.05 g/ml (25±1)℃
Viscosity R-X (bubble viscometer method)(25±0.2)℃
Solid content 92±3% (140℃ 2h)
Flash point >100℃

Application areas

Solvent-based, UV-curable systems

Main characteristics

1、Good wetting and dispersion of pigments, dispersion of organic pigments can improve their coloring strength, dispersion of organic bentonite and matting powder has good viscosity reduction ability, especially suitable for resin-free matting paste.
2、It can reduce the floating color and flowering phenomenon of multi-pigment system.

Use method

Dispersant should be added to the grinding material and stirred well, then add pigment to grind and disperse.

Recommended dosage


Storage stability

Keep in unopened original package for 24 months. Stratification and turbidity may occur when the temperature is below 5°C. Heating and mixing thoroughly before use will not affect the product quality. Product beyond the storage period can continue to be used after passing inspection. Before the container is completely empty, it must be tightly closed immediately after use.


25KG / 180KG


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