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Scale and corrosion inhibitor is a kind of industrial water treatment agent, it is mainly used in circulating cooling water treatment system, especially suitable for application in open water treatment system.


(1) Before using the corrosion and scale inhibitor, it should be determined whether the flocculant used is compatible with the scale and corrosion inhibitor or dispersant. If it is not confirmed, use it at will. It is prone to blockage, not only can not achieve the softened water quality, but also The purpose of cleaning the scale will also cause unnecessary troubles and affect the treatment effect.

(2) Pay attention to the influence of surrounding temperature when using scale and corrosion inhibitors, especially the low temperature environment in winter.

If the storage temperature of the scale and corrosion inhibitor is lower than the freezing point, it will freeze. The scale and corrosion inhibitors appear to freeze. Zhonghao Yuanda recommends that you dissolve all of them and stir them evenly before putting them into use, otherwise the accuracy of dosing will be affected. If the water to be treated contains high salt or iron compounds, after entering the scale and corrosion inhibitor, long-term operation will form deposits on the surface, these deposits will pollute the water quality, so Zhonghao Yuanda reminds you to pay attention to scale inhibition The use environment and use time of the corrosive agent.

Zhonghao Yuanda scale and corrosion inhibitor is widely used in a variety of water treatment environments, especially in winter, customers need to pay attention to storage.

In winter, the temperature is low. Customers should pay attention to ensuring that the surrounding environment temperature is suitable when storing scale and corrosion inhibitors. It cannot be too high or too low. It is better to choose a sunny and dry warehouse for storage. In addition, the warehouse should close doors and windows sooner or later to prevent moisture from entering the warehouse and affecting its effectiveness.

Improvement of scaling problem in industrial circulating water treatment
Many people have a misunderstanding about reclaimed water, that it is treated as sewage and it is not safe to use. This misunderstanding also increases the difficulty of sewage treatment to a certain extent, and also makes the treated sewage cannot be effectively used.

The problem

(1) Long-term oil leakage causes machine scaling:

In actual production, companies tend to increase the utilization of equipment as much as possible, but the operation of old equipment will also bring some problems, such as oil leakage problems in the circulating water treatment system.

It can affect the quality of circulating water treatment at a slight degree, and may even paralyze the entire treatment system.

(2) The circulating water treatment equipment is not perfect and the treatment process is not standardized:

In addition to the inadequate technology and funding factors, the inability of some companies to clean up the pool in time is also a major factor leading to the inadequate treatment of circulating water.

Improvement of scaling problem

(1) Adding chemicals such as scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, and sterilization is the basic measure to solve the problem of circulating water treatment. Under the premise of ensuring that the added chemicals will not cause damage to the machinery and equipment, the strength of the chemicals should be strengthened as much as possible to achieve the Effective suppression of scaling, corrosion and other problems.

(2) In the treatment of industrial circulating water, it is necessary to ensure that the treatment process of each link conforms to the standard specification to avoid the problem of scaling caused by improper operation.

(3) It is to strengthen the application of computer and automatic control technology in the process of circulating water treatment, and build a highly automated system.

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