August 17, 2023 Longchang Chemical

Anti-blue light paint good partner of blue light absorber

With the rapid development of electronic technology products, tablet PCs, laptops, cell phones and other electronic products have become an indispensable part of our lives. Commuters, low head people, game enthusiasts have become an important promoter of the development of electronic technology. However, the emergence of dry eyes, eye astringency, vision loss and other symptoms and electronic product screens emit a large number of irregular short-wave blue light has a close correlation. In order to better reduce the damage caused by blue light to the human eye, many professionals are committed to researching blue light absorbing or filtering materials, such as anti-blue light coatings, which can filter out specific wavelengths of blue light and ultraviolet light to a certain extent. One of the main ingredients is the blue light absorber.


In the existing technology, yellow UV absorber (azobenzene methacrylate) or 2-(2-hydroxy-5-isopropenoic acid ethyl ester phenyl)-2H-benzotriazole is added as a raw material for anti-blue light coatings to be polymerized into contact lenses; in addition, there are also azobenzene compounds absorbing at 380 nm ~ 450 nm can be added as a blue light absorber to the anti-blue light coatings. However, most of them still have the disadvantages of poor water solubility, limited amount of addition, which affects the subsequent steps, and easy loss of active ingredients in the process of use. In response to this problem, a U.S. anti-blue light coating invention patent disclosed a specific absorption wavelength of high temperature blue light absorber, the structure of the general formula as formula (I): where R is -H or -CH3; the specific absorption wavelength of high temperature blue light absorber, in more organic solvents have a certain degree of solubility, so that the anti-blue light coating Can be effectively doped in the production process of eyeglasses, screen protection film, anti-blue light coating high temperature resistant properties further increase its own advantages, so that it can be applied in more industries.

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