What is it like to work in a chemical factory?

February 17, 2022
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February 17, 2022 Longchang Chemical

What is it like to work in a chemical factory?

The current situation of work in chemical factory.
Newly recruited fresh college students (one degree) + graduate students, more men than women, all into the first line of work shift (five shifts three shifts, four shifts two shifts, three shifts two shifts)

Four shifts and two shifts is 16h + 8h or 12h + 12h such a cycle, 365 days a year, no weekends, day and night, a day shift, a night shift, reverse jet lag …… new coronavirus quarantine period, the plant can not stop production.

Stable operation of the plant will not be very tired, the work is not very difficult, good to start, a degree graduate will be some of the feeling of talent.

The small factory treatment is lower, a few graduates, many are specialist graduation, these 20-year-old children in the year before getting a diploma, went to the factory internship, small factory conditions will be worse in all aspects, safety and security and labor intensity, please imagine yourself, all walks of life are similar to the size of the factory.

The advantages and disadvantages of working in a large chemical factory

The income of large factories is stable, 100,000 to 100,000 a year, most of the expenses of food, clothing, housing and transportation are paid by the company, five insurance and one gold is the minimum standard, all according to the actual income, you can save money.
Women work more leisurely, basically will not work in the workshop, can not climb up and can not move the valve, so generally in the internal and external operation room or laboratory.



All the disadvantages of irregular work and rest, boiling the body function of rapid decline, aging quickly, very unfriendly to girls, face and body acne, endocrine disruption.

2, dangerous

1. need to contact many dangerous gases and substances, diffuse in the surrounding taste as if in a “wonderland”, the taste is not good.
2. the boys climb high and low work, facing a variety of run and leak, high risk factor. (The maintenance and temporary maintenance staff must also protect themselves, be sure to do the necessary inspection work in accordance with the rules, responsible for their own lives)
Accidents often come out, a hand like a needle on pins and needles, accident reports are also the real degree please judge for yourself.
3, the social circle is getting smaller and smaller, time and 9 to 5 is not consistent.

Future development
Grade promotion in the plant: intern – operator – outside deputy operator – outside the main operator – inside deputy operator – inside the main operator – shift leader, strong ability will be promoted to engineer (engineers and instrumentation do not shift, engineers are around the site every day, the rest of the people still have to shift, most of the identity of the workers, or in the chemical plant ……) university graduate students PhD students came to the plant, state-owned enterprises are basically the first year of internship, if not set, the same first shift, future development also depends on the individual.

Management very few, every day there are leaders on duty, the need to be present during the handover, each shift need to go to the cabinet room to check several times, on all aspects of the door to the duty leader, must be from the grassroots up, from the work arrangement situation can be seen level, good leadership is admirable.


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