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What are the characteristics of water-based wheel baking paint?

As of the end of March 2023, the domestic automobile ownership of 320 million vehicles, more than 34 million newly registered motor vehicles, the total volume and incremental volume ranked first in the world, from the supply and demand side of the analysis, there is a 2% annual proportion of the need to replace the wheel hub. In the background of automobile sales many times to achieve breakthroughs, China’s automobile wheel production has maintained a positive growth trend.


As the operating environment of the wheel is very harsh, the requirements for the coating are very strict, and the coating of the wheel hub plays a very good protective role, improves the corrosion resistance of the wheel hub, and thus extends its service life China Coatings Online. And many people attach great importance to the appearance of the car, the appearance of the wheels is also directly related to the appearance of the car, in order to meet these requirements, infinity flower waterborne paint continue to improve themselves, and gradually developed the application of a more reasonable, more advanced environmental protection series of waterborne automobile wheel baking paint.


Infinity Flower water-based automobile wheel baking paint, after being put into the market, has gone through a number of updates, the first to dominate the performance of the product is always the demand of the market. Several wheel manufacturing enterprises supplied by Infinity Flower have different requirements on the performance of the paint due to their different coating conditions. For example, some factories need to preheat the wheel before painting, some do not, some need high temperature baking, and some require low temperature baking. At this time, in order to ensure the utility and decorative effect, the same paint formula differentiation of reasonable adjustment, especially important. Infinity flower water-based automotive wheel baking paint the road of progress, always followed by the main body of the market’s different needs, environmentally friendly water-based paint technology, for different production lines to improve the quality of the overall development of the enterprise escort, water-based paint low VOCs environmental protection characteristics as well as the excellent performance of the decision of the wheel market, the trend of comprehensive water-based is unstoppable.


In the past a long time, solvent-based coatings occupy most of the market share of automotive coatings. However, with the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies in recent years, solvent-based paints containing a large number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are no longer in line with the trend of the times. By switching to water-based paints, we can solve the problem of VOCs emission from the source and at the same time gain good economic returns. This case is applicable to the source replacement, process innovation and end-to-end transformation of organic waste gas in the same industry.

Infinity flower water-based wheel baking paint features:

1, water-based environmentally friendly products, water as a diluent, non-flammable and non-explosive, low VOC content, about one-fifth of the solvent-based, easier to meet environmental requirements.

2, flame retardant, explosion-proof, steel wheels in the electrophoresis after the surface temperature is high, if spraying solvent-based paint will need to take measures in advance to cool down, resulting in redundant paint line and high energy consumption.

3, flash silver decorative effect, excellent decorative properties, flat and smooth appearance.

4, good adhesion, flexibility, high gloss, high hardness, good weather resistance, excellent aging resistance.

5, convenient and flexible on-site construction, simple operation, lower baking temperature, faster drying speed.


Technical, economic indicators:

1, source substitution before the rectification, the VOCs content in the paint is 85%. After the complete renovation, through the substitution of water-based paint, the improvement of production equipment, as well as the renovation of efficient waste gas collection and treatment facilities, the reduction of VOCs can reach 95%.

2、The ambient air quality for workers’ operation in the workshop has been significantly improved.

3、The amount of hazardous waste such as paint drums and waste activated carbon is greatly reduced, which lowers the treatment cost.

4、Water-based paint only uses water as a diluent, without the use of organic solvents, reducing construction costs.

5、Waterborne paint adopts recyclable tools and equipment, reducing maintenance costs.

Social and environmental benefits:

1, after the full implementation of source substitution, from the source to a greater extent to solve the problem of VOCs emissions, in line with environmental protection requirements, to contribute to green development.

2、After the transformation, it makes the pollutant emission reduced, further makes the pollutant discharge up to the standard under the condition of total amount control, which is conducive to the improvement of the surrounding environment, and the impact on the environment is within the tolerable range, so as to lay a solid foundation for the environmental functional area to reach the standard, and provide favorable conditions for the creation of a good living environment, which is of good environmental benefits and social benefits.

3, from the overall running point of view, the product changed to use water-based paint, the product grade upgraded to a new level: excellent performance: gloss, hardness and weathering and other aspects of solvent-based basically similar, excellent impact resistance, flexibility, not easy to produce cracks.

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